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event management by Jannat Events Your wedding adventure starts here Inspiration / Planning / Travel / Registry PLAN MY WEDDING event management by Jannat Events Get Married In Style Elegance & Continued Excellence to Every Event PLAN MY WEDDING event management by Jannat Events Get Married In Style Elegance & Continued Excellence to Every Event PLAN MY WEDDING

Jannat Events – Made in Heaven

Ideas & Inspiration

→    collect & organize ideas
→    connect to vendors
→    get wedding tips

Budget & Checklist

→    organize wedding planning expenses
→    customize categories
→    starter templates


→    all your favorites in one place
→    add registries to your wedding website
→    find unique registry gift ideas


→    Choose a date

→  Finalize the venue

→  Discuss the best decor for the occasion


→    Get the best vendor management

→    We become one point of contact for all
your vendors

→    Save time and money with our permanent best professional vendors

Travel & Destinations

→    getaways for destination wedding and

→    dream-worthy destinations

→    travel advice & planning

Event Management

Event Management

Jannat Events is one of the leading names in event management industry. We are from entertainment and production niche with great management skills, where we deliver amazing experience. We combine our artistic, technical and management skills to create magic.

Wedding Planning Services

Wedding Planning Services

̶  Amazing

Whether it’s your wedding day, or you are going to a very special event, definitely you would like to make your entry memorable, unique and stylish. Let’s go some old school and re-create the charm. Get in touch with us today for more information. Get in touch with us.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

̶  Elegance

We at Jannat events manage everything in Dubai. Our team co- ordinates with you on each and every details of event and guides you at each step. From Grand opening to enticing ending of the party, we ensure fun, surprises, happiness and memories. Get in touch with us.

Venue Selection

Venue Selection

̶  Breeze

How exciting it would be, if you have dreamt about your big day in a beautiful location and you find the same for real. This is Jannat events for you, where dream meets reality. Get in touch with us today for more information, we are glad to help you with venue selection.

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

̶  Lavish

Wedding, a moment in everyone’s life that is too close to their heart and requires special attention. It needs best decoration and lighting arrangements because it creates the perfect scene and set the feel right. Decoration and lightings alone can make the environment magical hence you need to be extra careful while planning the event.


Our Story

“Celebrate your love, live your dream, enjoy your day at happiest moment of your life.
We, at Jannat Events just want to see our customers happy.
Love is a feeling which gets stronger with the bond of marriage and becomes immortal forever.”

Destination Management

Destination Management



Indian Wedding Planners

Indian Wedding Planners



Wedding Planners in Dubai

Wedding Planners in Dubai

JANNAT EVENTS: One of The Best Event Management Companies in Dubai

Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, whatever the occasion may be, a social event of any size requires a lot of planning. There are so many things that should just be perfect – the food, the catering, the sound, the entertainment, the venue, etc. The intricacies involved in the organisation of these events, especially where there are big budgets involved, tend to grow so complex that the event planning is best left to experts.

A Smart Solution To Event Planning For Weddings

The event organizers in Dubaiare the smartest solution for managing wedding events. Event organisers are normally well-versed in the various intricacies of events – from booking celebrities for entertainment to catering. 

Hiring event organisers in Dubai is the best way of organising events here. Dubai is one of the world’s most attractive destinations of the world. However, organising events in this country often involves managing a number of factors – from hotel booking to registering gifts.

Five Tips For Choosing The Best Event Organisers In Dubai

An event is only as good as its management. Thus, it is crucial to go for only the best event organisers in Dubaiwho can ensure that one will get only the best of everything. The following are some of the essential tips for choosing the best event management companies in Dubai:

Always go for only a reputed event agency.

It takes a lot of good work to build a strong reputation. Only very agencies you will find in Dubai has the reputation earned by Jannat when it comes to organising high-end events. Our ability to organise weddings, in particular, is a well-established fact here. As a local agency, we are well placed for event planningin this area.

Go for an event management agency that indulges your creativity.

It is dull to have the same kind of monotonous events, and you can grow really creative about the way you want the events to be held. However, for doing so, it is really crucial to go for the Dubai event management agency that will be willing to work on these creative ideas with you.

Check out the services provided.

It is equally important to ensure that the event agency will provide various services one needs. That is because the list of services that one may expect from a top event management company in Dubaiis truly enormous and can include everything that falls within the scope of wedding planning.

A good event management agency will respect your budgetary constraints.

The event management agency you hire should be able to give you a plan that fits your budgetary constraints. This is crucial because wedding and event expenses often end up getting out of hand. You must discuss in detail with the agency what your expectations are and what kind of changes you may be expecting from the perspective of your budget.

A good event management company will have a strong website.

The event management companies worth their name have a strong internet presence in the form of a robust website full of pictures from previous events they may have organised. It makes it easier for their clients to approach them but is also an excellent way for us to brag about our achievements.

So, finding the perfect event management agency can be challenging. Fortunately, you will be saved from this trouble and just go for us.

Jannat Events – Top Event Management Company in Dubai

Jannat holds a special place when one is talking about the best event management companies in Dubai. We are known for creating an experience that will make you feel that your wedding was truly made in paradise. Jannat is a 360-degree event management solution for all your event management. Whether you want to create a mesmerising musical experience or shine with the stars of the entertainment industry, whether you want your wedding to be themed around flowers or beautiful lights; no matter what you need, how you need it – we will do it for you.

Why We Are One of the Best Event Planning Companies in Dubai

While there are several reasons that come together to make us the best event organisers in Dubai, the following are some of the key reasons to go with us:

  • A holisticDubai event management agency – From the ideation stage to packing up and even honeymoon after the wedding, we provide a complete package of services. Some of the most important of our services include the following: a collection of ideas, smart tips, budget management, complete management of all the associated vendors, transport management, wedding gift registries, help in selecting the venue, photography, decoration of the venue. 

When looking for an event management company, it is always a smart strategy to look for agencies that provide maximum types of services even if one doesn’t plan on taking all the services so that one can have a set of backup plans if things fall apart. Good wedding planners always have backup plans and offer flexible options. You will also be able to take the services of these agencies in future events as well rather than risking it with a new agency. 

  • Your gateway to a destination wedding– We are also thetop event management company in Dubai when it comes to destination weddings. You can choose a destination that sounds like a dream and have a wedding there. We will help you plan your travel in such a manner that the whole journey will be a memorable experience. Similarly, we will help you plan the perfect honeymoon in the most romantic destination.
  • Plan a perfect wedding– The first and one of the essential steps for managing any wedding is planning. The best event planning companies in Dubai know how important it is to plan a wedding well. We have a highly organised approach to this first step where we are willing to both receive and share ideas. Our wedding planners are full of unique ideas for perfect weddings. We also share with you a list of tips that can be greatly beneficial throughout the various stages of the event. These tips can help you protect against common mistakes people make when organising a wedding.
  • Plan as per your budget– We understand that your budget may not always be flexible and will be offering you tips on how you can adjust various aspects of the event so as to fit all your wishes in your budget.
  • Easy management of your gifts– We can help create and manage gift registries as well as keep them updated on your wedding website. Thus, you will not have to worry about the management of your guests.
  • Pick the venue of your choice-The venue of the wedding is perhaps the most crucial element when it comes to planning weddings. We will help you pick from the top wedding venues in Dubai. We shall assist you as you visit various possible venues for the purpose and will forward useful information that can help you make an informed decision. Your venue need not be a traditional wedding palace either – a villa, yacht, or beach wedding is also on the cards.
  • Transportation and stay –With so many wedding guests, their transportation and stay are always a major consideration. We shall make and look after all the hotel and other arrangements as well as the pickup and drop of your guests. Thus, none of your guests will have any reasons to complain about.
  • Easy vendor management– The biggest pains of planning weddings relate to dealing with various vendors. As the best among the best event planning companies in Dubai, we know how to handle these. In fact, we will act as your single point of contact with all your vendors. And we will handle most of the last-minute troubles for you. While you can choose your own set of vendors, we can always offer you a list of vendors with whom we have partnered in our past events to create a delightful experience for our customers.
  • Enchanting decor– We are also the best event companyfor creating enchanting decor for your wedding venue. Wherever you finalise your venue to be, we shall give it a splendid decor that shall be just as enchanting as the wedding’s face. We take pride in our decor for always coming up with elegant decor plans and executing them perfectly.
  • Bridal make-up– It is not a perfect wedding if the bride doesn’t seem like she landed fresh out of the stars. Thus, another service we provide is connecting you with parlours that shall provide breath-taking make-up options for the bride. Our experts know how to bring out the lovely form of the bride in the most exquisite manner.
  • Food and catering – Food and catering arrangements are critical to the success of any wedding, and we understand that perfectly. We shall make necessary arrangements with the vendors you have chosen for the purpose or, if you like, we shall connect with the best catering services in Dubai.
  • Unforgettable entertainment– Whatever kind of entertainment you are planning; we shall make the process smooth. We shall make perfect light and sound arrangements for the kind of entertainment you will want.
  • Pictures that will tell stories– It is not a charming wedding if it is not remembered well. We shall connect you with just the perfect photographers who will be able to capture the charms of a wedding in elegant pictures that shall tell the success story of your wedding. You will always be coming to your photo albums for the years to come to revisit the happiest day of your lives. 

The Best Event Company For Weddings And Other Social Occasions

The above discussion should be able to convince anyone that we are the best event companyyou can hire for your special day. We know what this day means to the two families, and these weddings are not just two people coming together but the two families coming together. We know how to maintain the grace of this auspicious occasion. Some of the dream weddings we can help you realise include the following:

  • Perfect Indian traditional wedding– India has a rich culture with traditions about as old as human civilisation. We appreciate the importance of these traditions for our customers and have a rich understanding of the same. Whether it is traditions like applying Haldi or respecting other Indian traditions, we know how to organise various traditional ceremonies. Thus, we are the perfect event organizers in Dubaiwhen it comes to traditional Indian weddings.
  • Celebrity weddings– Celebrity weddings tend to get a lot of media and public attention. It is thus a huge challenge to plan the whole wedding in a way that outsiders won’t be able to spoil the day for the couple or guests. Jannat knows how to handle the various intricacies of celebrity weddings really well.
  • Yacht weddings– Take your vows with sea waves providing the background to your wedding with a yacht wedding. If you have to go to a yacht on your bucket list, then your wedding might also be the perfect time to tick that off the list.
  • Beach weddings– Perhaps renting a yacht is not your thing, but you will still like sea waves. Sea beaches are perhaps the most beautiful natural places to have such weddings. Jannat has perfect capability when it comes to organising beach weddings.
  • Theme weddings– One of our most significant specialties is theme weddings. If you have a wedding theme, we would love to hear from you as a novel theme presents its own challenges to our artists and planners, and we love to rise up to such challenges each time. When planning weddings with us, your imagination is the only limit.

Needless to say, the above list contains only some of the special forms of weddings, and a more comprehensive list will be much longer. To keep it short, we shall just say that if you can envision a particular form or kind of marriage, then we can organise it.

What makes us stand out among other best event management companies in Dubai is that not only are our services listed above perfect, but we also have a deep-rooted understanding of wedding traditions and what they mean to our customers. We know how deep emotions run into weddings and how important it is to assist our customers through these emotional moments.

To us, weddings are never business as usual because we treat each wedding as a special event just as it is to the bride and groom. Thus, we are a Dubai event management agencythat is willing to go the extra mile to understand the needs of our customers.

One of the most significant advantages of going for Jannat is that it can be the laziest way of organising your wedding. Once you have contacted us, all you have to do is make decisions on things like venues, honeymoon destinations, etc., which we can further assist by offering options. Apart from that, we shall take care of everything for you.

Our customer testimonies tell volumes about how excellent our services are. A look at them will be enough to eliminate whatever little doubt you may still have left. It is a result of our commitment to creating a special experience for all our customers as well as their guests.

Moreover, our services are most reasonably priced. You will be surprised to see how affordable a memorable wedding shall be. For a wedding day that you shall be telling your children all your life, our prices will be nominal. People often claim that it is impossible to plan a perfect wedding, but we have proven that it is possible every single time we have taken up a new event.

Our total experience extends to above 250 big events, including not only weddings of various forms but also events of other kinds, including birthday parties, baby showers, etc. These also include events we have organised for our corporate clients, such as functions. Parties, press releases, award nights, etc. All our customers, whether private individuals or corporate ones, have shown satisfaction with our service and often found our organisation highly praiseworthy.

We shall like to get your praises too. If you are planning an event in Dubai, please just contact us, and we will make the magic happen for you. We shall love to be your one-stop solution for all your event management worries, as we already have become for several of our clients. 

So, we are a perfect event agencywhen it comes to organising your dream weddings in Dubai. While it is, of course, your love and commitment to each other that makes your wedding the special occasion it is, we will be your perfect friends in ensuring that all those nears and dears to you will see the special beauty of the occasion.

Give us a chance to make your wedding memorable

Let us help as event production company in Dubai to make it memorable

A wedding is one of the big decisions of our lives. Once you have decided to tie the knot, apart from preparing your mind, you also have to arrange your wedding. And we know that arranging your wedding is again not an easy task but it can become smooth with the best wedding planner.There are numerous event management companies in Dubai, but no one is as good as Jannat Events. Our team is having skilled and experienced employees, who work hard to give you the wedding of your dreams. But to experience our perfection you need to hire us with trust.

We have spent years to plan destination weddings, theme weddings, Arabic weddings, Beach weddings, International weddings, and traditional and royal weddings in Dubai. We have been satisfying our clients with the best services.

Apart from focusing on your wedding events, we have been focusing well on the changing trends and new and unique ideas to organize your wedding according to your preferences and expectations.

It was not easy for us to come up to this point in our business career but our creativity and unique ideas have helped us to grow with time. Also, the trust of our clients gave us the confidence to give them a successful wedding event.

We help our clients in selecting the dates, destination, decorations, costumes, make-up, photography, videography, and everything that is necessary to give them a memorable wedding. As long as we are planning their wedding, we will not let them stress out even for a small thing. But for that, you need to trust us and give us the chance.

As a team, we have always assured our clients to meet their expectations and do even better. While you are planning to pick us to plan your wedding, you don’t have to worry about the money as well. We are providing the best services to our customers at the best prices. We are not going to give you even a single chance to think that you are wasting your money on us.

Everything will be as flawless as your skin and for that, all we need is your trust and confidence in our work.

Once we have we have planned your wedding, we are going to get the best wedding photographer at your service. The photographer is going to cover every precious moment for you to look back at them from time to time and relive those emotions and time. They will give you the candid moments you are going to cherish every time you will look at them.

We have been providing all the services that are needed to make your wedding the best. If you wish, we can also be your honeymoon planner at a budget you have set. We will help you in choosing your honeymoon destination and making your itinerary so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest. We will take care of your every requirement to give you a peaceful time.

You can follow us on Instagram and go through our website to look at our work just to find out that we are the best wedding planner in Dubai. You are going to enjoy our services and skills. Our idea will definitely make you and your event exciting. You are going to live every moment of your wedding with us.

We have a good success rate and a great portfolio to win your trust. You can see our work to judge our creativity and knowledge. According to the new trends we are going to serve you with the fresh and unique ides for an awesome wedding. We will do everything to impress you with our skills and efforts. With us, you can simply expect the wedding you have always dreamt of.

Without waiting even for a second and any hesitation, just contact us to discuss your requirements. We will give you the best services and a suitable quote according to your needs. With the finalized deal, we promise you to give the best moments of your life. We assure you the time you are going to enjoy without any stress because we are going to take away all your worries to make them ours until the end of your wedding.

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