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Monthly Archives: July 2022

The Greatest Indian Wedding Trends For 2022

The year 2021 saw life back to normalcy, as most of the events like weddings and special occasions regained their lost glory of lavish celebrations, but with a proper thought process. The pandemic has left us longing for the human touch, and now more than ever, couples and their families are looking to make their weddings more special than before.

Here’s a list of hottest wedding trends from Industry experts to help you plan your wedding most perfectly.

  1. Laidback Luxury

The over-the-top extravagance and worldwide novelty of Big Fat Indian Wedding will never end, but laidback luxury has gained some popularity in the past two years. Due to the pandemic, people are now more comfortable with luxurious arrangements and customized touches over confusion and formalness.

  1. Fairytale lighting 

While there are plenty of décor ideas, you cannot miss the simplicity and beauty of a simple fairytale lighting rental to that unassailable magic to your occasions. Perfect for private and grand weddings, they seamlessly add a romantic touch to any décor setting, which is used in many ways to make your wedding unforgettable. 

  1. Focus on minute details

Focusing less on putting up a grand show, couples and families are going for smaller and private functions where they can spend more on a better quality experience. Attention is given to small details with different customizations that make the celebration memorable.

  1. Curate guests lists

Considering the current situation, it is still unsafe to return to the time when the number of guests exceeds thousands. Though the restrictions have been lifted, couples and their families still prefer to do weddings as small get-togethers rather than large affairs. Curating the guest list not makes the festivities more customized and memorable but also gives the space to spend on your dream venue or wardrobe.

  1. The Grand Sangeet night 

Sangeet night is becoming a huge part of all the weddings that are happening recently, and it’s not only limited to sound system rent and dance performances. After the two harsh years, couples want to share their joy and excitement with their close ones, let loose, and have lots of fun in all the functions. New concept photobooths, disco nights, rain dances that ooze out of the stage, and so much more are being covered by the couple to add a high dosage of fun and originality to every occasion.

  1. Storytelling through food 

People often forget the wedding but not the food, and in recent times, couples are opting to add a variety of dishes to the food menu for everyone’s choices. Another great way to connect is to have dishes or concepts with special importance to your love stories, such as first date,

first month anniversary, and favorite cafes. This adds a special touch to your occasions and creates an ever-lasting impression on your guests.

Some well-known wedding planners like Jannat events have always been more than an event organizing company. They work as creative artists whose goal is to help their client’s dream turn into reality, All you need to do this hand over the job to them, and they shall take care of everything. 


Indian Weddings: A guiding force for wedding planners in India

Wedding planning is coming to light rapidly as a very successful business and will continue to multiply. Indian weddings have always been lavish and colossal, and this lavish celebration is spread over at least five days. With the growth in the Indian economy, people’s desire for their weddings is also evolving. The age of people to be wedded on average is between 23 – 30, and it’s their dream to make their weddings very unique, at fresher and more fascinating destinations. 

What are destination weddings? 

Nowadays, a destination wedding has become a very popular movement, as they are very romantic and private, helping create an occurrence of a lifetime for the bride and the groom, as well as close friends and family. 

Added to that Indian wedding organizer also gives the wedding a very customized touch, and in most situations, the chosen destination has a very special connection with the couple. The connection between the couple grows from their mutual love and longing for the place, its natural beauty, or the role the place has played in their relationship.


Planning such a grand event involves a vast amount of planning, coordination, and knowledge, especially if there is an eye to be kept on the budget. Thus, as a result, there has been an increase in hiring wedding planners for the modern generation who takes care of everything. Some of the wedding planner companies like Jannat events speak directly to the couple to find out their expectations and requirements, which include invitation cards, destination, flowers, décor, food, and a total number of guests. By scrutinizing this information, Jannat events provide a quotation of the final expenses, even before they begin organizing it. This does not just help the couple enjoy their once-in-life moment thoroughly but also keeps control of the expenses. It helps in avoiding all the stress involved as everything is taken care of by the Indian wedding management. Due to economic liberalization, there is a rise in the middle class, which has encouraged more and more couples to avail of wedding planners’ services.

Scope in India

Weddings in India continue to be a stable business, being unaffected by the economic highs and the lows. This has given the wedding planning industry different energy, with most wedding planners charging 10 % of the budget as their consultation fees. Most wedding planners have tie-ups with florists, photographers, caterers, make-up artists, dancers, singers, and more who work on an assignment basis. 

Favorite destinations

Famous locations abroad for destination weddings are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Oman, Dubai, and Bali. At the same time, Indian tourist spots for destination weddings that are famous are Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa, Kerala, Shimla, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 


With innovation and technology tempting the demands and desires of customers, wedding planners also experiment with various creative ideas, using everything 3D from presentations to smart lighting and more. The wedding planning industry is still at a very nascent stage. It is emerging as a successful business and will continue to grow further, with the new dreams of couples to have a unforgettable and worth experiencing wedding. 


Benefits Of Event Management Services 

Life is full of events and happenings as they add flavor to life. Every day we think and plan about our future. The journey from conceptualization to accomplishing the task is a long one. And it takes a whole lot of effort to plan and put everything into action as planned. It becomes almost impossible to deliver the results as expected and this may cause disappointment and sometimes, even embarrassment. So what’s the way out? Hire event management services and let them manage the event for you. The specialists have all the right equipment and resources to make your event a memorable one.

Hiring event managers has numerous advantages. A few of them are underlined hereunder: 

  • Smooth and relaxed operation: The event service providers ensure that the event is organized in a smooth and hassle-free manner without creating any stress for the hosts. The management service for the occasion works out all logistics, time and resources and makes sure that the event achieves predefined goals.
  • Timely implementation: The event managers are responsible for implementing the operations of the event – post-planning gathering of resources, organizing means and supplies etc. The organizer takes full charge of the smooth working of all aspects from humans to machines and likewise. The vendors at every stage are well connected to the service providers, be it a wedding event or a corporate one.
  • Creativity and blend of style and design: The event management companies are trained to arrange all facets of the event in a professional manner. They come up with creative and novel ideas to make the event a perfect mix of style blended with taste so that the guests remember it for a long time.
  • Flexibility in managing the event: Event management facility experts ensure that the event remains flexible and there is a margin for any last-minute changes. This may include minor changes like the sequence of presentation of the event performances to major changes such as change of dates or venue.
  • Cost-effective and budgeted: The experts in this field take care of the budgetary requirements and customize the event as per the available funds. If the event is facing budget-related issues, the event managers come up with suitable alternatives to create an experience which may not be extravagant but surely, unforgettable. 

Special events in one’s life hold distinct places in our hearts and mind. The event managers of the event management agency take defined steps to ensure that the event takes place smoothly. They conduct advance discussions and gather detailed information regarding the expectation from the event. This helps them define goals and also suggest creative solutions to any problem in the smooth conduct of the event. There is provision for publicity and promotion of the event amongst all concerned. Further the management agency for the event ensures coordination and collaboration between the parties.

Lastly, the event management managers are trained, skilled and well-equipped to cater to the interests of their clients who have put their prestige and trust in their hands. Just like it is important to know the correct way of celebrating, there is also a need to be patient when there is so much chaos all around. Just hold the hands of an event management service and sail through these tough times.


Benefits Of Hiring The Services Of Professional Event Planners

A wedding and event planner is responsible for making all the necessary arrangements that can help make an event a success. Making necessary arrangements for lighting, sound, and decorations and ensuring all these are within the budget of the clients are responsibilities of a professional event planner. A smooth flow of an event is ensured by the event managers. Moreover, they guide and assist clients at every step by offering various suggestions related to the types of arrangements, venues, and vendors. All the necessary services are delivered that can prove beneficial for the clients.

We have listed certain benefits that clients receive upon hiring the services of professional event managers and planners. These are as follows:

1. Handling all the necessary arrangements singlehandedly:

Event managers are responsible for making all the necessary arrangements right from booking venues, and vendors and making all the necessary decorations. They possess the necessary experience and expertise that can help them select the best vendors and venues. The best lighting and sound arrangements are made by the event managers. They handle every aspect of an event and make necessary arrangements to make it a success.

2. Cost and time saving:

All the efforts related to finding the best vendors for different services and items are made by the event managers themselves. They keep in mind the budget of the clients and make necessary arrangements that fit within this budget. All the necessary support and assistance services are delivered that can help in saving the time and cost of the client. Timely booking of photographers, and DJs and making all the necessary arrangements within the budget of the clients are the responsibilities of an event planner. All the decisions are made on the behalf of the clients which can help in saving their time.

3. Access to necessary resources and contacts:

Event managers/ planners and possess the necessary experience and expertise in managing various events. They possess all the necessary resources which they can utilize for making necessary management on time and within the budget of the client. They possess the necessary contacts with dedicated suppliers that can help in the successful planning of an event within the specified time limit. All the necessary decisions can be taken without any kind of hassle.

4. Delivering proper guidance and support services:

Dedicated planners can even guide clients at every step. The best guidance and support services are delivered to the clients that can help in making accurate decisions. Decoration ideas, selection of a particular vendor or venue, the choice of cuisines, and various other aspects are handled with complete care. They guide clients at every step and ensure the best decisions are made.

5. Handling unforeseen circumstances:

Unforeseen circumstances or miss happenings like non-availability of a vendor, last-minute technical problems, power outages, and cost-related problems can be handled by event planners as well. Moreover, they possess access to necessary alternatives that can help in making a particular event a success. 
A professional wedding budget planner works according to the needs of the clients. Quality services are made available that are affordable and can help in reducing the hassle of the clients exponentially. They root out stress and ensure a fun experience can be delivered to the clients as well as the guests.


Various Responsibilities Of A Wedding Planner

Wedding and event planner play a very important role in making all the necessary arrangements for a wedding procession or any other type of social event. They are responsible for making available all the necessary services that can help in reducing the hassle of a wedding couple and their families. Best-in-class guidance, support, and other quality solutions are delivered by a professional wedding planner or coordinator that can prove convenient and affordable. Millennials have started to opt for the services of professional wedding planning services providing companies with the peace of mind their services tend to offer. 

One must fully understand the responsibilities of a wedding planner before hiring same. We have listed different responsibilities of wedding planning companies that can help you in making the right decision. These are as follows:

1. Designing and wedding decorations:

A special wedding planner is responsible for understanding the taste and preferences of the clients. He or she must understand the type of wedding decoration a couple wants and makes all the necessary decisions and arrangements to make it a reality. The choice of decorations, color palette, theme et cetera are enquired and all the necessary arrangements are made accordingly. All the necessary decorations like flowers, bouquets, lighting, and table and chair arrangements are made by a wedding planner. 

2. Managing all the necessary finances:

Organizing a wedding procession or any other kind of social event requires money. Booking different vendors, making necessary decorations arrangements, and booking different venues require an understanding of various financial and budgetary aspects. A wedding planner can help by managing all the necessary finance-related work. A responsible company or an individual wedding planner can forecast the overall cost of organizing a wedding or an event. The total cost can be identified and compared with the budget of the clients and the best offer can be made. Wedding and event management and planning companies ensure all the cost associated with organizing a wedding is within the purview of the budget of the clients.

3. Printing of invitations and delivery of the same:

A wedding planner or coordinator is also responsible for printing invitations and delivery of the same to the specified recipient. The best design of the wedding invitations is selected according to the preferences of the clients and arrangements were made for the delivery of the same. Moreover, a proper guest list is created and maintained by the wedding planning companies.

4. Managing the wedding procession/event:

After all the necessary arrangements were made and on the actual date of the wedding, event planning companies ensure the proper and smooth flow of the wedding procession. Ensuring proper arrangements for various events like Sangeet and mehndi, coordinating with the DJ and dancing teams, and ensuring a smooth flow of drinks and food are some of the responsibilities of wedding event planners.

5. Serving as a coordinator for events and delivering assistance to the wedding couple:

Wedding planners are also responsible for managing the guests and even the wedding couple. They ensure the guest and the couple feels comfortable throughout the wedding procession. Support and assistance services are delivered to the couple as well by handling all the extra tasks. This includes picking up dresses from the dry cleaning, making payments, and safekeeping all the valuables like wedding rings, etc.

A professional wedding budget planner ensures all the necessary services are delivered to the clients at the best prices. A wedding procession is organized by keeping in mind the budget of clients.


Elements That Define An Amazing Wedding Day

If you are somebody who has just proposed or gotten proposed to, congratulations, it’s now officially the time to start planning your wedding day. Your wedding day is one thing that stays in your memory for a very long time. A well-planned wedding would ensure that the couple, family, and the invitees have a great time together. Ultimately, all that matters would be whether the wedding was well-planned or turned out to be a disaster because you missed any details.

A well-planned itinerary is a great idea to avoid any last-minute chaos on your most special day. One should prepare a checklist of things requiring immediate work, such as venue bookings, sound system rent, food menus, decoration, transfers, and many more.

To make your life easier, we have shortlisted a five-pointer list that could help you plan your wedding:

  1. Choose an unforgettable venue: most of the time, weddings we see around have a theme or structured setting. In a case like this, selecting a venue that is appropriate to the theme you may have picked heightens the overall look and feel of your wedding day, turning it into an unforgettable experience.
  2. Accommodation: In most cases, we have friends and family coming in from various parts of the world; therefore, selecting a comfortable accommodation for them is an ideal thing to do. If you have more than one event, you should pick a venue that can host more than one function just so that you save on any travel expenses that may incur otherwise.
  3. Unique décoration : a decoration is the most important aspect of any wedding as it is the prime ingredient of setting a perfect mood for the wedding. Your decor selection is a direct indicator of your and your partner’s personality and, therefore, should be made thoughtfully. A lot of planning goes into selecting the color themes, flower arrangements, lighting, table setup, and many more. Your decor must remain consistent throughout with the theme.

    Another very important fact when it comes to decoration is lighting—having an appropriate number of lightings placed at correct spots dramatically increases the overall experience. You must look for decoration lights on rent and book them in advance.
  4. Food: food is something which all the guests would look forward to. The selected food must match the theme you may have picked for the wedding. The timely tasting of the dishes will ensure that these foods look not only lovely but also taste amazing.

    Once again, booking a caterer beforehand is very important, so you don’t miss out on securing a good one.
  5. Event planners: the wedding time very often lead to a very stressful period for the families rather than being one that should be fun. The reason for this is simply the stress of planning a wedding. One thing that can greatly take away the stress and make life much easier is hiring wedding planners. With years of experience and expertise, they not only create beautiful memories for your special day but avoid any unwanted stress that may come to you and your family.

    Entertainment is another important aspect that should be important when planning a wedding. Having appropriate entertainment based on your team would heighten the overall experience of the wedding.

Keeping in mind all the above points you will indeed have a great time and an unforgettable experience.


Wedding Planners And Benefits Of Hiring Them

One of the most beautiful memories cherished by individuals for life is their wedding. One of the most successfully and beautifully done weddings is the one in which close attention, even to the minutest detail is given. When your close attention is paid to even your slightest desire, your dreams turn into reality, creating a memorable experience for you and the people who attend the event. It is considered best to bring professional wedding planners on board to make the couple’s life easier.

A wedding planner is somebody who would pay close attention to each detail and would be an important part while making decisions regarding the designing, planning, and, most importantly, managing the client’s wedding. Couples are often found opting for destination weddings. Looking for destination wedding planning companies is an ideal option for a destination wedding since it not only eases the planning process but also ensures that the families enjoy a stress-free and well-planned event.

A wedding planner walks with you through every step from planning to executing the wedding. They would help you pick up the correct venue, package prices, negotiations, guestlist, management of accommodations, and excursions. They also will take care of any travel services that may be required by the guests and in case there is an issue that the guests need to be addressed first. The foremost point of contact would be these wedding planners.

Below mentioned on the top four benefits of having wedding planners on board:

  1. Add-on complimentary service: apart from all the services that a wedding planner company provides, the most important aspect of hiring them, which comes for free, is their experience and expertise. In an ideal case scenario, couples would be spending much more time planning than if a wedding planner had been hired. By hiring these planners, you eventually save a lot of money that we could further use for other expenses like spa treatments or an international honeymoon.
  2. No stress planning: planning a wedding, even though it’s a lot of fun at the same time, is equally tiring and stressful, especially for the couple and their families. This planning involves a lot of time, effort, and, most importantly, money. In most cases, not everyone would have extra time to ensure they can research effectively before making any decisions related to the wedding. For this reason, wedding planners are higher so that the couple and their families can focus on making beautiful memories and spending fun and stressful time with their loved ones.
  3. Paperwork: something that is extremely stressful while planning a destination wedding is any form of legal document required or necessary paperwork. Even though this may vary from country to country and destination to destination, with wedding planners’ experience, this becomes much quicker and easier.
  4. 24×7 support: The most loved thing about having wedding planners is that destination wedding planning services of all kinds are readily available with the planners. They would never restrict themselves and would provide all the necessary support, from assisting you with picking a venue to even the smallest details like having a laundry service for the guests.
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