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The Greatest Indian Wedding Trends For 2022

The year 2021 saw life back to normalcy, as most of the events like weddings and special occasions regained their lost glory of lavish celebrations, but with a proper thought process. The pandemic has left us longing for the human touch, and now more than ever, couples and their families are looking to make their weddings more special than before.

Here’s a list of hottest wedding trends from Industry experts to help you plan your wedding most perfectly.

  1. Laidback Luxury

The over-the-top extravagance and worldwide novelty of Big Fat Indian Wedding will never end, but laidback luxury has gained some popularity in the past two years. Due to the pandemic, people are now more comfortable with luxurious arrangements and customized touches over confusion and formalness.

  1. Fairytale lighting 

While there are plenty of décor ideas, you cannot miss the simplicity and beauty of a simple fairytale lighting rental to that unassailable magic to your occasions. Perfect for private and grand weddings, they seamlessly add a romantic touch to any décor setting, which is used in many ways to make your wedding unforgettable. 

  1. Focus on minute details

Focusing less on putting up a grand show, couples and families are going for smaller and private functions where they can spend more on a better quality experience. Attention is given to small details with different customizations that make the celebration memorable.

  1. Curate guests lists

Considering the current situation, it is still unsafe to return to the time when the number of guests exceeds thousands. Though the restrictions have been lifted, couples and their families still prefer to do weddings as small get-togethers rather than large affairs. Curating the guest list not makes the festivities more customized and memorable but also gives the space to spend on your dream venue or wardrobe.

  1. The Grand Sangeet night 

Sangeet night is becoming a huge part of all the weddings that are happening recently, and it’s not only limited to sound system rent and dance performances. After the two harsh years, couples want to share their joy and excitement with their close ones, let loose, and have lots of fun in all the functions. New concept photobooths, disco nights, rain dances that ooze out of the stage, and so much more are being covered by the couple to add a high dosage of fun and originality to every occasion.

  1. Storytelling through food 

People often forget the wedding but not the food, and in recent times, couples are opting to add a variety of dishes to the food menu for everyone’s choices. Another great way to connect is to have dishes or concepts with special importance to your love stories, such as first date,

first month anniversary, and favorite cafes. This adds a special touch to your occasions and creates an ever-lasting impression on your guests.

Some well-known wedding planners like Jannat events have always been more than an event organizing company. They work as creative artists whose goal is to help their client’s dream turn into reality, All you need to do this hand over the job to them, and they shall take care of everything. 


Elements That Define An Amazing Wedding Day

If you are somebody who has just proposed or gotten proposed to, congratulations, it’s now officially the time to start planning your wedding day. Your wedding day is one thing that stays in your memory for a very long time. A well-planned wedding would ensure that the couple, family, and the invitees have a great time together. Ultimately, all that matters would be whether the wedding was well-planned or turned out to be a disaster because you missed any details.

A well-planned itinerary is a great idea to avoid any last-minute chaos on your most special day. One should prepare a checklist of things requiring immediate work, such as venue bookings, sound system rent, food menus, decoration, transfers, and many more.

To make your life easier, we have shortlisted a five-pointer list that could help you plan your wedding:

  1. Choose an unforgettable venue: most of the time, weddings we see around have a theme or structured setting. In a case like this, selecting a venue that is appropriate to the theme you may have picked heightens the overall look and feel of your wedding day, turning it into an unforgettable experience.
  2. Accommodation: In most cases, we have friends and family coming in from various parts of the world; therefore, selecting a comfortable accommodation for them is an ideal thing to do. If you have more than one event, you should pick a venue that can host more than one function just so that you save on any travel expenses that may incur otherwise.
  3. Unique décoration : a decoration is the most important aspect of any wedding as it is the prime ingredient of setting a perfect mood for the wedding. Your decor selection is a direct indicator of your and your partner’s personality and, therefore, should be made thoughtfully. A lot of planning goes into selecting the color themes, flower arrangements, lighting, table setup, and many more. Your decor must remain consistent throughout with the theme.

    Another very important fact when it comes to decoration is lighting—having an appropriate number of lightings placed at correct spots dramatically increases the overall experience. You must look for decoration lights on rent and book them in advance.
  4. Food: food is something which all the guests would look forward to. The selected food must match the theme you may have picked for the wedding. The timely tasting of the dishes will ensure that these foods look not only lovely but also taste amazing.

    Once again, booking a caterer beforehand is very important, so you don’t miss out on securing a good one.
  5. Event planners: the wedding time very often lead to a very stressful period for the families rather than being one that should be fun. The reason for this is simply the stress of planning a wedding. One thing that can greatly take away the stress and make life much easier is hiring wedding planners. With years of experience and expertise, they not only create beautiful memories for your special day but avoid any unwanted stress that may come to you and your family.

    Entertainment is another important aspect that should be important when planning a wedding. Having appropriate entertainment based on your team would heighten the overall experience of the wedding.

Keeping in mind all the above points you will indeed have a great time and an unforgettable experience.


Reasons to choose an AV rental company for better audio visual system

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an AV Company is that they offer custom designs with professional and knowledgeable staff. AV companies create the ideal atmosphere for your event. Some clients require additional lighting or high definition video displays; at this time, professional and expert staff ensures that your requirements are met.

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an AV rental Company is that they offer custom designs with professional and knowledgeable staff. AV companies create the ideal atmosphere for your event. 

Some clients require additional lighting or high-definition video displays; at this time, the professional and expert staff ensures that your requirements are met. They expertly handle AV equipment and make a good impression at events.

Nowadays, every audiovisual company offers equipment rental services. Clients prefer to rent rather than buy AV equipment, which AV companies are aware of. It is because purchasing these items can be prohibitively expensive and it is only used on occasion. 

When you rent AV equipment from a company, they also provide you with expert and professional staff to manage your event. Another significant advantage of hiring AV companies is that they provide the best value equipment to meet your requirements, such as speakers, attendees, and exhibitors.

  • Why choose an AV rental company?

Using an AV Company for rental services is very cost-effective. They provide clients with a variety of packages and options that can help them save money. Customers can rent equipment whenever they need it, without incurring the costs of depreciation, maintenance, or purchase. 

You do not need to purchase any equipment. That is why hiring an AV Company is always advantageous. Renting an AV company is always beneficial in an event. Their knowledgeable and skilled staff ensures that you do not encounter any technical difficulties during the event. They replace the pointers on the instruments on a regular basis. 

AV companies not only provide you with the right equipment but also with professional and skilled personnel who handle this equipment with expertise. They have many professional technicians, such as video technicians, riggers, cameramen, sound engineers, and many others who are experts in their field. 

  • What does lighting companies provide?

Many lighting companies work in collaboration with AV companies. So, if you intend to hire an AV company, you can also hire lighting companies with their recommendations. It gives you peace of mind and increases your trust that your equipment is in good hands. 

You do not have to pay for the transportation of AV companies when you rent them. These companies have their own transportation, which saves you money on transportation and logistics. The audio visual system is another option that makes it a point once again for all to whose. 

Today, all of the top audiovisual companies offer equipment rental services. Clients prefer to rent audio-visual equipment rather than buy it, which can be very expensive and only used on occasion. Consider this: will key personnel in your organization be in charge of equipment installation, maintenance, and upgrading?


The bottom line is that you should look for an AV company that works well with your internal team. If you select the right strategic partner, your team can reclaim a significant amount of time that can now be dedicated to focusing on your core business. Furthermore, by focusing on the right equipment to meet the needs of your attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, your event audiovisual rental company can provide the best value.

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