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3 Of the Most Important Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing A Wedding Planner

Even the most Type A brides can feel anxious once the congratulatory brunches and gushing over the engagement ring have passed, a date has been chosen, and it is time to get down to the business of planning the wedding. Even though some newly engaged women believe that they can pull off their wedding on their own, the fact is that working with an Indian marriage event management in Dubai is always going to be in the best interests of your mental health.

  • The Bibliography –

As soon as word spreads that you’ve recently become engaged, you may expect to be besieged with advice and suggestions from close friends and relatives. These individuals have your best interests at heart. Still, unless you have personal experience with the individual they are recommending, it is prudent to ensure that you complete your background checks on top of what they have done.

When you meet with potential planners, you should ask for client references. To get a sense of how the planner handles their business, you should ask to talk with both their present and former customers personally. Are or were the customers happy with the service? Were there any issues or mishaps that couldn’t be fixed straight away? Would they advise other people to purchase this planner?

In addition to that, inquire about vendor references. If the planner’s chosen vendors have positive things to say about them, that tells a lot about the professionalism they bring to their work.

  • Budget Basics –

Working with a planner willing to stay within your financial constraints is necessary for a successful wedding; nevertheless, some planners cannot fulfill this requirement. If you have a fixed spending plan, you will need to take extra precautions to ensure that you do not encounter any unpleasant shocks.

When you meet with potential planners, the first thing you should do is describe your budget. Ask them if they can effectively work within the allotted budget amount, and ask to see some specifics and samples from prior weddings that were held for a budget that was comparable to yours. A competent planner should have the ability to work within any given budget while still satisfying the majority of the couple’s requirements.

  • Vendor Variables –

Ask prospective event planners about the vendors they enjoy working with the most. What distinguishes Business A from Business B and makes it superior? Does the planner have relationships with favoured providers that allow them to offer discounts? Does the planner have a strategy for backup services and suppliers in an emergency?

Your wedding planner may be the most important person in your life in the days leading up to your big day, but you shouldn’t forget about the vendors they work with. Be sure that you have a complete understanding of the people you will be collaborating with.

Conclusion –

Putting together the wedding of your dreams may appear to be an impossible task, but that is where Indian wedding organisers in Dubai come in. If you do all the appropriate interviews with potential wedding planners, ask all the relevant questions, and pick the one suitable for you, planning your wedding can be like a proverbial piece of cake.


Weighing The Benefits of DIY Wedding Planning and Hiring a Professional

Getting ready for your wedding is a significant time investment. Couples often spend a substantial amount of time working out the particulars of their wedding ceremony and reception. This includes making arrangements with the various service providers and deciding on the multiple aspects of the venue’s design. There is some good news: the bride and groom do not have to shoulder that burden alone. Hiring an Indian wedding planner in Dubai can help make the process much easier and more enjoyable. Whether you and your fiancé are both extremely busy at work, you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions you need to make, or you believe a professional can sort through the available options more efficiently than you can. Here are seven reasons why you should consider hiring a professional.

  • They will relieve you of the burden of your tasks –

Activities connected to the wedding will consume much of one’s available time. You may already have the impression that you don’t have any spare time because you work a full-time job in addition to your other obligations. Hiring a wedding planner can delegate the most time-consuming chores to a trained and experienced professional. Your planner can handle scheduling appointments, communicating with suppliers, and working through the more in-depth concerns that arise throughout the day.

  • You will receive assistance with both the budget and the schedule –

Most engaged couples face the challenge of sticking to a stringent wedding budget and schedule. Your wedding planner will crunch the statistics and score discounts to offer you the finest prices possible, and they will be able to assist you in getting the most value for your money. In addition, they will keep you on track to ensure that you complete all of the tasks on your list in the allotted amount of time.

  • They will facilitate contact between you and your suppliers –

Obtaining a vendor typically involves a substantial amount of paperwork and signing contracts. To their good fortune, these critical aspects of the event are included in the job description of wedding planners. You can count on her to read the fine print (and understand it!) while communicating with the vendors and working through any potential problems.

  • You will be introduced to different ways of thinking –

The majority of soon-to-be brides will spend a significant amount of time perusing bridal magazines in the hopes of gleaning some original ideas. On the other hand, a planner will have countless fantastic and original ideas for the ceremony and the reception, many of which are not seen elsewhere online. She will come up with the idea that will blow your mind, whether you desire a one-of-a-kind centrepiece or an unforgettable dessert presentation.

Conclusion –

When it comes to organizing the details of your big day, working with professional Indian wedding event planners in Dubai is always a good choice. They can assist you in bringing your vision to reality, help you avoid making financially detrimental mistakes, and ensure that everything is taken care of for you.


Ideas to create Your Wedding Unforgettable!! – Best Wedding Decorators in Dubai

As the wedding designing progresses you may be confused by brooding about a way to build the grand day an unforgettable one. There are several things that can be done to create it grand. Contact Jannat Events, the best Wedding planner in Dubai for creating your day an unforgettable one.

Ideas to create your wedding unforgettable:

Beautiful invitations

Wedding invitations are the primary things that your guests can see, this could reflect the complete wedding set up. This can be a good chance to indicate your guests what the marriage day are like.

Selecting the right venue

A perfect venue ought to be elite for your wedding wherever the marriage vogue you wish will work and may cater to your guests.

Having lovely floral and decoration

Signs, props, and floral ought to be a creative wedding planner or decorator who has access to rare accessories that may build wedding decorations look splendid. We are the best Wedding Decorators in Dubai that may build your event a lot of lovely.


Lighting is a very important a part of the wedding event. It’s as necessary as floral decorations. The simplest possibility is to go for romantic lighting that may enhance the decoration of the marriage so leading to marvellous photos and videos.

Guest transportation

This should be taken special care of just in case of a destination wedding. Right facilities should be organized for the arrival and departure of your guests. Welcoming your guests with certain gifts is also recommended to create the moment sweeter.

Choosing DJ or Band

To make the marriage a lot of engaging and entertaining, get an experienced DJ or band that may play the proper tunes and make your family and friends dance!

Installing dessert table or candy bar

Setting up a course table or candy can build the event a lot of engaging. Guests may also get one thing to require back home. This may extremely build the youngsters happy.


Everyone is crazy regarding taking photos on a marriage day. It can often create a lot of lovely by fitting icon booths with made-to-order backdrops and decorations. Guests will take back these photos and invariably keep them as a pretty memory of the marriage.

If you’re trying to find a prime wedding planner and decorator in Dubai, the simplest alternative is Jannat Events. Contact us now for a lot of details.


How To Have A film industry Themed Indian Wedding?

Whether you and your partner are flick buffs or not, having a film industry themed indian wedding are a few things you all would wish. Film industry is all over in our daily lives, thus why not have a marriage theme based film industry itself? We are the most effective Indian wedding planners in Dubai.

The power of Indian cinema has reached globally and it’s time for you to adapt it for your most unforgettable day. Film industry isn’t simply the large screens any longer, it’s reached new heights.

1.Have a themed party

This is a vital activity to create the film industry themed wedding additional engaging and fun. Ask the guests to decorate up as their favorite film industry actor. This is often a good plan if you have got tons of friends. It’ll be fun to visualize them dressed up as painting film industry characters. Organizing a small catwalk for everybody to showcase their costumes will be fun.

2. Take inspiration

Research such film industry themed weddings and check out to urge some inspiration. Most of those weddings have massive cutouts of actors and actresses that are written and displayed at a photograph booth so the guests will get clicked footage along side those cutouts. We’ve the most effective wedding decorators in Dubai at Jannat Events to create your wedding additional colourful.

3. Keep up the spirit

Try to create the event additional lively by together with fun activities. Along side your partner perform a medley of hit songs from your favorite movies. Try to add completely different activities in between the medley to create your audience laugh and enjoy.

4. Ensuring that everybody is well enlightened

It will be weird if the guests show up for your perform not knowing that they’re at a film industry themed wedding. Thus all the guests ought to be told well concerning the perform. Send out cool invites cards mentioning everything.

5.Shoot the complete wedding sort of a movie

Capture the complete wedding sort of a stunning song from a film industry flick. Ask the videographer and artist to capture all the candid photos. This may create the video additional richer and interesting to watch later.

So, if you’re going to conduct your wedding, then why not select a film industry themed wedding to create it additional unforgettable. Our consultants at Jannat Events, the most effective Indian wedding planner in city will assist you with it. we are going to organize and arrange everything you wish. Contact us now.


10 Top Tips For Planning Wedding in Dubai.

Wedding planning in Dubai will take heaps of your time, money, and energy to urge right. If you’re troubled to excellent your day then take a glance at the ten top tips below to assist you create certain your day.


Wedding designing is pricey and quickly adds up if you don’t budget. Set a target for every element of the marriage, basic cognitive process to think about the quantity of guests. If you would like to chop the prices, then attempt ideas like obtaining a relative or friend to bake the cake or making an attempt DIY on some individualised party favours.


Designing a destination wedding in port with Jannat Events, provides the right chance for lavish themes and decoration. This could be a main thought because it effects each a part of the look method, like invite vogue, style, wedding favours, and menu.


The three most vital factors are – size, theme, seasonality. Ensure the venue is that the right size for the guest list, matches the decoration you’re planning to place within, and is appropriate for the season as having a destination wedding can give beautiful weather. Also, it’s vital to think about the theme and any accessories which will ought to be planned to suit in with the style of the wedding. It’s additionally helpful to notice that there is also a distinct venue for the ceremony and reception, also as finding an appropriate clergyman for the required venue.

Relieve the Stress

The work doesn’t need to be alone yours, you’ll be able to designate jobs to your partner, friends, family, or hire a marriage planner for your port destination vacation, to type the complete day for you stress free. It’s additionally a stress relief booking all services for the marriage before. This includes artist, videographer, band, caterer, and florist – this avoids disappointment if the provider wished isn’t accessible.


The foremost vital half concerning designing your wedding is ensuring the guests attend, therefore ensure you save the dates are sent well before guest numbers are going to be finalised early, before wedding. Don’t worry concerning each small detail once wedding designing, nothing is as vital as you and your partner voice communication, ‘I DO’. Simply set the large factors in stone and leave the remainder of the day to run swish therefore you’ll be able to relish yourself.

The Stress Of The Dress

Selecting your dress is a stressful process. By solely taking a little suite of individuals and making an attempt the range of dresses, you’ll be able to gain opinion to assist in your call however not be weak by what everybody else needs you to wear. Everyone’s friends are invariably planning to be keen to urge on the wedding party, but you ought to be selective along with your picks as after you recall at the photos you would like to ascertain your forever friends, not the buddies you don’t speak to any longer.

Do You need an expertise to Handle The Stress?

Would you rather your solely stress was tasting cake and selecting your favourite? does one desire a dream destination vacation in port? Then contact Jannat Event Wedding Planner to form the day of your dreams while not you having to elevate a finger or break a sweat. If you’d prefer to inquire concerning Destination Wedding Planner then contact Jannat Event here.


What Are The Benefits Of A Destination Wedding Planner?

Are you coming up with a destination wedding in Dubai and you’ve recently got engaged? Why not hire a wedding planner to assist you bring your dream wedding to life. Getting married may be a day that each bride dreams of since they will keep in mind, why don’t you let the skilled facilitate flip your ideal day into reality. With years of expertise within the trade, our team here at Jannat Events can work closely with you on the originate to your huge day. Why not take a number of the pressure off yourself and leave us to arrange the day.

Our friendly team likes to work closely with the couples to bring every plan to life, We’ve got some tips and tricks that you’ll would like to use through the coming up with method. Have you ever dreamt of getting married abroad, why not explore the various choices and obtain in-tuned with our team today? We will tell you all there’s to grasp regarding coming up with your wedding abroad.

Jannat Events can bring you the support, expertise, and knowledge that you’ll would like on the run-up to your day.

Our services can permit you to get pleasure from the numeration to your day. We wish this to be the foremost unforgettable and special occasion for you to recollect. We are going to work with you to bring magic and take special thought into the tiny details of the day. Delivering high standards of designing and style to the big day.

The benefits of getting a destination wedding planner:

•             We can work with you each step of the process to guarantee your day.

•             Planning a marriage from a unique country will be disagreeable now and then, we are going to take this stress off your shoulders and support you after you would like it.

•             Our services can assist you measure what’s most significant to you, from here you’ll apprehend what to prioritise.

•             We can assist you realize the most effective destination, taking into thought all of your guests and therefore the budget you’re willing to pay.

•             We can assist you to line a take into account your day.

•             We are packed with recommendations and places for you to go to once staying abroad.

•             Our expertise can facilitate to advise you on the most effective location. We are going to take into idea your guest list and work from here. Ensuring your friends and family keep in mind in this day and age forever.

•             We can prevent time, there’s nothing worse than holdup and feeling such as you haven’t achieved something. Our services can prevent looking on-line for hours, We’ve got lots of trade connections and suggestions for you.

For additional information contact us today. We wish to bring your dream day to life. Hire Jannat Events!


Trending floral décor ideas for this summer

Trending floral interior decoration ideas for this summer Flowers add a flavor to any event. From the all-accessorized Indian wedding to a simple statement western vogue, no wedding interior decoration is complete without the floral details. there’s one thing regarding them that makes hearts bloom at the same time as pretty! So, amongst the assorted choices of floral interior decoration which is able to overwhelm you once creating a selection, we’ve listed some latest up and trending floral interior decoration to pick out from. From stylish and simple to overload of colours, we have a tendency to gift to you some floral decorations and centre items that have purloined hearts at our recent wedding coming up with.


Roses are all time favourites! the variability in colors may be a sheer delight and also the fragrance in fact is simply right to line a heavenly tone to any setting. Variations of roses themselves once set with greens provide a pleasing arrangement with many colors.

Roses & Carnations

This is nonetheless a mix we have a tendency to adore! We’ve used Roses and Carnations as centre items for feeding setting at multiple weddings, and each time it’s higher than before. It offers the arrangement a fuller look and adds joyful colors to the interior decoration.


When we cite Associate in Nursing Indian wedding and flowers, missing out on marigolds looks simply criminal. whether or not you use streams of it or whether or not you simply use the petals, you will simply ne’er fail with Marigolds. the intense colors of flower add a spark to any ancient setting.

Baby Roses

Pillars of baby roses and traditional roses ar simply the correct factor if you’re going for a minimalist look. From putting it at the entry to complementing the seating arrangements, these pillars work nice all told settings.

Synthetic Orchids

If you’re staring at having a trendy nonetheless straightforward interior decoration for your wedding, pretend orchids are your ally. the synthetic versions of enormous orchids are obtainable in delicate colors and that they definitely look fashionable. the simplest half is that whereas they complement the other flowers, and are light-weight on your pockets too!

All Artificial Flowers Arrangement

You would be pleasantly stunned at however well artificial flowers will complement any interior decoration. From minimalistic to overload, pretend flowers will rework the design and feel of an area. we have a tendency to used floral arches for giving a ‘Garden-of-Eden’ reasonably look and it clothed magnificent! All artificial floral details are not solely hassle-free to set-up; they are conjointly straightforward to require care of.

Roses & Common Ivy

If you are thinking of going massive with the floral interior decoration, we have a tendency to advocate Roses and common ivy. they give the impression of being grand and enhance the social occasion look. Here’s a glimpse of an outside setup we have a tendency to created that was increased with stunning lighting.

Blue Roses

Blue roses as centre items are simply to-die-for! they’re straightforward to rearrange. They conjointly look distinctive, stylish and pleasant, summation an announcement look.

Roses & Baby’s Breath

Roses are typically used in any and every combination. Here’s nonetheless an additional combination of roses and baby’s breath that look nice for grand centre items as they supply a fuller look to the arrangements.


Baby’s breath, conjointly referred to as Gypso is most typically utilized in floral arrangements. they’re principally used with alternative flowers; however, we have a tendency to tried one thing else! Floral arrangements centered solely on the delicate texture of the Gypso appearance not solely terribly dainty, however conjointly terribly holistic on its own.

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