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Elements That Contribute To A Fantastic Wedding Day

If you have recently proposed or been proposed to, congratulations; it is now officially time to begin planning your wedding day. Your wedding day will be etched in your mind for the rest of your life. A well-planned wedding ensures that the family, guests, and couple have a wonderful time together. All that matters, in the end, is if the marriage was well planned or turned out to be a failure because you overlooked any details.

A well-planned itinerary is ideal for avoiding last-minute hustle on the most important day. Make a list of things that need to be done right away, such as a list av rental companies, food menu, decoration, and so on.

To Make Your Life Simpler, We Have Compiled A Checklist To Assist You In Planning Your Wedding;

  • Choose An Incredible Venue
    All weddings mostly have a structured setting or a theme. In this scenario, choosing a place that is suitable to the theme you have chosen enhances the overall feel and look of your wedding day, making it a special experience.
  • Hospitality
    In most cases, friends and family are visiting from all over the world, so finding a comfortable place for them to stay is a good idea. If you are planning to have more than one event, choose a venue that can accommodate multiple functions to save money on travel expenses.
  • Décor
    The decoration is by far the most crucial component of any wedding because it is the primary ingredient in setting up the correct mood for the wedding. Your decor choices are a direct reflection of your and your partner’s personalities and should thus be made with care. Flower arrangements, table setup, lighting, color themes, setting up of audio and visual equipment, and other details require careful planning. Décor is at its best when it’s consistent with the theme. Another crucial aspect of decoration is lighting—having the right number of lights in the right places dramatically improves the overall experience. You must look for and reserve rental decoration lights in advance.
  • Food
    All of the guests are looking forward to the food. The food you choose must be appropriate to the wedding theme. Time-to-time tasting dishes ensures that these dishes don’t only look appealing but also taste delicious. It is best to book your caterer well in advance so that you don’t miss out on a good one.
  • Event Planners
    The wedding season is very stressful for the families though it looks enjoyable on the outside. The stress that comes with wedding planning is the main reason one should look at hiring wedding planners like Jannat Events which reduces stress significantly and makes our life easier. They have many years of experience and expertise, which not only create beautiful memories for your special day, but they also help you and your family to avoid any unnecessary stress. Another important consideration when planning a wedding is entertainment. Having proper entertainment based on your theme enhances the overall experience of the wedding.


Keeping all of the preceding points in mind, you will have a fantastic time and a memorable experience.


How To Look for The Best Destination Wedding Planner?

Almost every person wants that their wedding function should be an enjoyable experience. This is why many people have started to go for the destination wedding as it helps both sides to not only do the rituals but also provide enough time to enjoy them. The arrangement of a destination wedding must not be relatively easy to do. If you want the best destination wedding, hire the best destination wedding planner. These planners specialize in planning the best things for the wedding.

Most destination wedding planners are hired for the services because they know how to make all the arrangements and do all these tasks without wasting time. If you want to hire the best destination wedding planner, here are some factors you need to consider. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Always Think About What You Want:
    Different people might have different perspectives on the destination wedding. So, the person looking for a wedding planner must be clear about what they want in the wedding. This will help the person better understand the type of wedding planner that will work for them.
  • Do Your Proper Research:
    Nowadays, multiple destination wedding planners are available in the market. It is essential for the person to do the best research and know very well about different types of destination wedding planners. Better to pay attention to their style of work and the customer reviews about the outcome.
  • Have A One-On-One Meeting:
    Once you have done your research, shortlist some of the wedding planners you want to meet with. Accordingly, arrange a meeting with them. There, discuss your perspective regarding weddings clearly with the experts. This will help the person to know about the wedding planners in detail and how they understand the vision regarding the wedding events. The wedding planner will show you some samples that will go with the concept, providing a better idea.
  • Do Consider Their Work Experience: 
    One of the most critical factors that need to be thought about by a wedding planner is the work experience that they already have. Their expertise can play a significant role in managing different things altogether. Go with someone with a good amount of experience conducting destination weddings.
  • Find The Wedding Planner That Connects With You Emotionally:
    destination weddings can be inspiring and beautiful. So, a wedding planner needs to connect emotionally with clients and get to know their expectations.

Considering all these factors will help the person to choose the best destination wedding planners. Wedding planners are the experts with proper knowledge about different processes that must be undertaken well for the best results in the form of a beautiful wedding.


Know The Reasons To Hire A Wedding Event Management Company

Getting married is the most remarkable experience in every person’s life. So if you want to have a perfect wedding and celebrate it to the fullest level, there will be a need for the best wedding event management companies in Dubai that can organize different things most appropriately. The wedding comes you many arrangements that need to be made in the best possible way. Getting expert advice will help you to provide the best wedding event without facing any sort of problems.

To just ease out the complicated task of wedding planning sorted. Look for the best wedding event company. Many reasons clearly state the reason to hire the wedding event managing company. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Wedding Planners Are Problem Solvers:
    The wedding planner company is in the continuous process of planning different weddings. So they have a better idea that how to manage different things regarding the wedding. The expert’s advice will just help in simplifying the preparation process that too with very less chances of error. 
  • Provides The Best Advice For Weddings:
    The wedding planning companies have to meet so many people with different perspectives related to the wedding. The experts will always provide a clear picture regarding the wedding that too according to the expectations of the clients. The experts will have a one-on-one conversation with the clients to provide the best piece of work for the main day.
  • Takes Away The Most Of The Stress:
    A wedding day needs to be one of the most memorable days in the life of every person. It will be better to hire experts for this planning so that they end up having minimal to no stress regarding the wedding planning. All of the work regarding the wedding will be appropriately done by the wedding planning company.
  • Makes The Difficult Job Easier:
    The main purpose of hiring a team of experts regarding wedding planning is to make all the difficult tasks quite easier for the clients. It is the duty of the person whose wedding is to be organized to have clear communication regarding the wedding. All the easy to difficult procedures regarding wedding planning will become easy.
  • Helps In Saving A Lot Of Time And Effort:
    One of the main reasons why people end up hiring wedding planners is that wedding planning is a procedure that will take up a lot of time and effort. If the best wedding planning company is hired, it will help in saving a lot of time and effort for the bride, groom, and even their families. 

If you want to have a dreamy wedding of yours, just work hard to look for the best wedding planning companies in Dubai who can easily provide all the best services regarding the wedding. Once you get the best wedding planners all the workload regarding weddings will be taken up by experts. Even they will make sure to provide the best services and meet customer expectations.


How can the best wedding planners help in planning a grand wedding?

If you are looking to save money, you may consider wedding planning fees an expense that you can completely avoid. However, keep in mind that the best destination wedding planners have the tools to avoid common mistakes due to their inside connections and experience. 

Hiring a destination wedding planner for your Indian destination wedding may be the most cost-effective way to save you time and money while making the entire wedding process seamless and easy.

Reasons why people should look for experienced hands to get ready

Here are reasons why people should look for experienced hands to get ready for their big day. Wedding planners provide 360-degree solutions for all things nuptial, including venue, food, lodging, and even airport transfers—so they take care of everything big and small. 

  • Responsibilities prior to the wedding
  • Making realistic budgets
  • Planning everything from wedding favors to entertainment
  • Design and execution of the decor
  • Management of hospitality and logistics
  • Wedding trinkets
  • Catering management and menu design
  • Time and budget management
  • Wedding photography and videography
  • Wedding amusement
  • Wedding favors and gifts
  • Permissions and licenses for online presence
  • Wedding Protection Insurance

That is a long list, isn’t it? 

Imagine having all of these responsibilities taken care of by a wedding planner! Your family members and you can leave all of this to someone else—following up with vendors and making sure everything runs smoothly! Destination weddings entail much more than simply selecting a location for a wedding. 

  • Why book the best destination wedding planners?

One of the best ways to plan a destination wedding is to select a destination wedding package. Many such ceremonies are grand yet intimate, and many include a honeymoon, making it even grander. But, before you jet off to your wedding destination, you should have a destination wedding package that meets your needs.

The best destination wedding planners range in price from Rs 2 to Rs 6+ Lakh, depending on the company’s expertise and popularity. All of this is also dependent on the wedding’s budget or scale, as well as the destination/venue chosen. Breathable fabrics are reputed to work best in hot and humid locations.

By incorporating local blooms, you can easily reduce your décor budget. Consider getting oleanders and sky flowers for your destination wedding when you’re on a tight budget. By doing so, you will save significantly on the cost of decor. Still, you will also support the city’s local beauty while embracing it to make the wedding decor stunningly beautiful. 


This is only the wedding planner’s fee; it does not include your wedding decor or any of the responsibilities listed above. Those are overheads that they have contracted with vendors and that you are supposed to pay for, but are managed by them. It is one of the useful destination wedding hints to remember when looking for a destination wedding package in India.


How should you look for a wedding planner without knowing who to look for?

Many people regard wedding planners as an ‘extra expense’ at a wedding; after all, many of us assume they are expensive and only for the ‘posh’ and can be completely avoided by doing all of the work ourselves. 

If you are looking Indian wedding event planners, look at none other than the experienced hands. The certified experts are the best in this case. 

But let us assure you that hiring the right wedding planner is an investment that will go a long way toward ensuring that you and your family have your hands free to enjoy yourselves at the wedding.

Why look for a certified wedding planner?

Yes, we know you can handle all of that, but if you truly want to enjoy your wedding without any strings attached, it is a wise decision to hire one. Yes, even for low-budget weddings! If you are in the process of hiring or considering hiring a wedding planner for your Indian destination wedding, we believe it is critical that you fully understand the job. 

Although it may appear to be a simple question, the answer to what a wedding planner does changes with each client with whom a wedding planner works! 

Each couple approaches the planning process with different goals in mind. If we had to summarize the job, it would be someone who understands a couple’s vision, works to build and leverage relationships with those needed to bring the vision to life, and executes (and enables the execution of) the plan when it matters most and when things beyond control are likely to arise.

  • Wedding planners for a cost-effective wedding

Wedding planners have professional and advanced experience in all aspects of wedding planning, from assisting couples in creating realistic wedding budgets to presenting the most stunning wedding decor ideas for your Indian destination wedding. 

It is best to put together an overall action plan with details on how the wedding day will go that straddles the line between being too detailed and being open enough to account for the flexibility required to handle anything. Join us as we try to capture the most important aspects of the person who could become one of your team’s biggest and most important assets!

  • Book an experienced wedding planner

If you want to look for Indian wedding planner, look for a certified and an experienced team to make your big day full of attractions and memories. Wedding planners keep you and all your wedding events organized, from photography to catering and flowers to the music playlist, while reducing your stress and ensuring the planning process is fun and enjoyable for you.

Final Note-

Your planner will take care of every small detail during your wedding festivities, making this a memorable experience with everything falling into place. Their creations and efforts will elevate your wedding events to new heights. They will meet with you to discuss wedding logistics, negotiate vendor contracts, and smoothly ensure wedding-day activity.


Wedding Planners: Duties and Responsibilities of a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Not only do you have to plan a day that will be remembered by your loved ones for years to come, but you also have to deal with the stress of finding a venue, coordinating with vendors, and making sure everything runs smoothly. As the person responsible for making sure all of those things happen on the big day, a wedding planner is in charge of making everything run smoothly and ensuring that your dream wedding comes together just the way you envisioned it. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people associate the job title “wedding planner” with only the most trivial aspects of the job, such as finding a venue or making sure the invitations are delivered. 

Wedding planning is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of couples. Today, the role of the wedding planner has evolved to include more than just showing couples around venues and helping with the logistics of their big day. At the most basic level, wedding planners help their clients plan their weddings and ensure that everything goes as planned. They offer their clients guidance and advice on where to host their ceremony and reception, what kind of flowers to choose, and what kind of music to play. Wedding planning is a task that requires a lot of time, patience, and effort. It involves finding venues, coordinating schedules, and accommodating the various needs and preferences of the guests. It’s a job that requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. One can never expect to be successful in this task without extensive knowledge about the industry and the various aspects that go into planning a wedding. 

Duties and responsibilities of a professional wedding planner

  • A professional wedding planner should have strong organizational and communication skills, be very professional, and also be able to guide you in making important decisions and smooth out the process.
  • Wedding planners are responsible for coordinating every aspect of the wedding day, from the décor, to the flowers, to the entertainment, to the service and the food. They have the planning and coordinating duties and responsibilities, such as paying vendors, setting up and decorating the reception site, and managing the flow of events on the wedding day.
  • They also help you make important decisions, such as deciding on the theme, color scheme, and menu, and are your liaison with the vendors. They are your go-to person when you have questions or concerns, and they help you manage the stress of planning. Wedding planners are specialists who are trained in planning elaborate weddings. They are also some of the most highly-skilled at organizing elaborate receptions. You may also look for a wedding planner in Abu Dhabi.
  • In addition to these duties and responsibilities, a professional wedding planner should also be able to provide you with advice and recommendations on vendors and additional services. They’re the ones who will be working closely with you and your partner to ensure that your wedding is everything you dreamed it would be. Whatever the size or scope of your wedding, you are guaranteed to find a talented professional wedding planner to help you along the way.


This article will provide an introduction to the world of wedding planning, and the duties and responsibilities of a professional wedding planner. It requires careful attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the needs and interests of the bride and groom. The job of the wedding planner is to help couples navigate the many details of planning their big day, while also ensuring that the ceremony, reception, and photographs are everything they dreamed of. There are so many wedding organizers to look for, just as a wedding organizer in Abu Dhabi.


Perks of hiring a wedding planner

A wedding is the most important event in the life of almost every person. So every person dreams of having a great wedding without any problem. But for this, a lot of planning needs to be done at the backend. Right from communication with different vendors, designers, makeup artists, etc all the arrangements need to be made. The families cannot spend this much time planning every detail of the wedding. So it is better to hire the wedding event companies in Dubai that will undertake all the tasks related to the wedding and relax the person very well. 

Here are many benefits of hiring wedding planners. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Take all the responsibilities from you:

    The best part about hiring the wedding planners is that they will take up all the responsibilities from the family of the bride and groom. Once you hire a wedding planner, it is their headache to make arrangements about everything related to the wedding. Now there will be no need for the family to spend a lot of time and energy planning different things.
  • Helps in budgeting and scheduling:

    The families need to give their budget to the wedding planners. So they have a better idea of how many financial resources they have to conduct the whole event. The wedding planners have a one-on-one meeting with families to schedule different events of the wedding.
  • Have tons of insider knowledge:

    For wedding planners, it is their work to arrange weddings every day. So they have a bundle of inside knowledge that usually the families might not have. The planners have a better idea of what all people need to be contacted that can help in successfully arranging the wedding. They will get the best designers, vendors, photographers, and stylists for the wedding, which will surely make the day more special.
  • Exposed to many ideas:

    Not every person likes related to wedding décor, or expectations might be the same. So the wedding planners have direct communication with the families to understand what kind of things they want. They have a lot of original ideas that will apply to your wedding, and uniqueness will be provided to the wedding event. Even such unique designs are not even available on the internet.
  • Offers the best advice on tricky situations:

    No two families can fully agree with each other. In such a tricky situation, wedding planners play a very important role as they try to convince both the parties to come to one decision that will be favourable for both of them. Their experience in this field helps to come up with the right solutions in the trickiest situations.

Without any second thought, just book the best wedding organizer in Dubai that will overtake all the wedding preparations for you. This will help both the families, especially the groom and bride, to relax and be stress-free. Once you have hired the best wedding planner, it will be the prior duty of the planner to give the best services and make the special day even more special. You can contact Jannat Events as it is one of the leading platforms that help in conducting different events like weddings. 


Best Arabic Entertainments For Making Your Events Grand

Arabic entertainments are very popular in the country, you can also choose some Arabic entertainments to add to your events to make it more memorable and entertaining. Arabic entertainments can surely uplift the entire event. Traditional Arabic entertainments are so colorful and it can also be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the audience and guests.  You can easily incorporate Arabic entertainment into any events like corporate functions, private parties, weddings, or a dinner party. Contact Jannat Events, one of the top event management companies in Dubai for making your events spectacular and unforgettable.

Check out some of the popular Arabic entertainment that will surely take your breath away!

1. Fire Tanoura Show

Tanoura Show is a dare-devil show that intrigues your audience. Tanoura means “skirt”. A professional tanoura dancer in action can make your head spin!! The artist will twirl and twist in many different ways and it will surely keep your guests entertained till the end.

2. Belly dance

Belly dance is an unavoidable entertainment form in Arabic entertainment. Arabic belly dancing is a very popular form of dance. It can charm your audience and can even make the audience’s feet dance to the rhythmic music. These are performed by professionals and are very entertaining to watch.

3. Oud artist

Oud is a versatile musical instrument in the world of music, and an Arabic oud is very popular. This ancient musical instrument when played by a professional with perfection can be really mesmerizing. It is really magical that this ancient instrument is still very popular in modern times.

4. Sand artist

Sand art can be a breathtaking art form. It easily awakens an audience’s sense of wonderment.  In sand art, a unique story is illustrated with sand on a projected screen.  Sand artists always try to include some interesting stories on their canvas that can evoke beautiful emotions in your guests. This unique Arabic entertainment is perfect for events like corporate events, private functions, product launches, etc. Also, check out some other entertainment ideas for your corporate events.

5. Egyptian Dabke

Dabke is a energetic group dance. This dance is performed by Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, etc. Dabke is a folkloric dance that can make your viewer’s blood pumping because of its unique music and dance movements. It is an ideal entertainment for any wedding event.

Arabic entertainment can easily make any of your events mesmerizing and grand. Contact Jannat Events, the leading event management company in UAE, we can easily plan and execute your events according to your convenient budget. Contact us now for knowing more details. Also, check out our events portfolio to get to know more about us!!


Top Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Event

Event entertainment is a very important a part of any sure-fire company event. The main aim of corporate events is to stay the audience engaged and have an everlasting impression. The events ought to have quite simply spectacular speakers speaking on topics. The entertainment programs conducted at events can keep the guests engaged and interested. Such programs create the audience feel relaxed and happy. These entertainment programs create a positive impression on your guests and that they can bring up the event. Also conducting events throughout this pandemic time needs some precautions.

Here we tend to are providing some diversion ideas to create your company events a lot of spirited and fascinating. Contact Jannat Events, the highest event management company in Dubai for organizing your events.

1. Performance by a music band

Hiring a music band to perform at the event may be a pleasant plan. It’ll be a good supply of entertainment for the guests. A live performance by a band is going to be amusive and boosts the whole atmosphere. Workers will get an opportunity to sing with them.

2. Standup Comedian

If you’re hiring a comedian, then it’ll be the foremost attention-grabbing and amusive session of your company event. Find a proficient comedian and place a session for a minimum of half-hour. This may simply gain everyone’s attention and interest. The comedian also can do some crowd add that he interacts with the audience and raise them things for fun. We will simply prepare a comedian for your company events in Dubai.

3. Dance Performances

Dance performances will simply create the event a lot of exciting. They’re an amazing supply of entertainment for the audience.

4. Different food choices

Food is an inescapable part of any event. Attempt to experiment with totally different food things. Keep all the common menus and a few experimental food things for your audience. Attempt to have completely different deserts in addition as different drinks.

If you’re planning to organize a company event, then Jannat Events is that the best choice, we are the leading Event management company in Dubai.


Couple Photo Pose Ideas

Eyes open, stand still, smile please. Ready! this is often one in all the normal procedures of photographers for taking photos. However, from last decade, ways and designs of photography have modified to an excellent extent says best wedding planner in Dubai.

There are lots of photography company emerged in these periods. Within the case of wedding, there are countless icon shooting experiments are enforced. Pre-wedding/ save the date, post wedding, destination wedding etc.

Jannat Events, one in all the most effective event management company in Dubai had comes up with wedding icon shoot poses for couples to reinforce your dream wedding to an entire new memory.

Pose One: Selfie couple

This photo posing style is one in all the only and craziest means of couple motion says best event organizers in Dubai. This posing permits each couple to require freelance vogue icons and helps to lose themselves within the photo click been taken.

Pose Two: Dancing Couple

Not all couple want to dance. Few of the couples, whether or not it can be a bride or groom are going to be typically are introvert and keep to create a dance move infront of their invitees. However currently it all modified, most of the couples are able to participate atleast for few seconds of dance movements for the music vie. This trend is one in all the most important photo posing style wherever your camera official will click your movements for a novel and trendy candid photo memory.

Pose Three: Creative photo-posing

This photo posing style is especially targeted on however inventive is your creative person. They tend to create artificial sets & stages that looks to be appearance natural once photography professionals clicks the moments.

For example, taking your photo with an inspired background (beach-side, lighting look, craft-work and more) can certainly accelerate your photo look to an excellent extent.

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