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When you are planning to get married, it is not only you who is excited. Indian marriages mean complete involvement of the family members and the loved ones outside of the family. That is why it is important to hire Indian wedding planners in Dubai to make sure that guests feel comfortable at your wedding. Given the fact that for most people, the wedding is a one-time affair, it is best to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The comfort of your guests should be your topmost priority and you should hire professionals according to that only. Certain things that you can consider doing for making your guests comfortable are mentioned below.

Arrange for transportation:

If your wedding venue is rather difficult to travel from the prime locations of the city then you can consider offering transportation for your guests. It would not only save them from the hassle of travelling on their own but also will show that you care about them. Adding this extra gesture of care and love will bring a smile on their face and make your wedding arrangements successful.

Proper arrangement of refreshments:

Refreshments serve an important role in any gathering. When your guests are just arriving at your wedding, you should make sure that you are offering them proper refreshments so that they can feel fresh. The types of refreshments should change according to the seasons. If you have a summer wedding then cold drinks should be on the cards. But you get married in winter then there should be plenty of coffee and tea to keep people warm.

Delicious snacks:

Another way of making your guests feel comfortable is to offer them lip-smacking snacks that go well with the liquid refreshments that you are serving. You should make sure that you have enough waiters who are doing the rounds so that no one goes without snacks.

Resting room:

It is very important to arrange for a room where the guests will be able to rest if they feel too tired. Depending on the number of guests you are having, you should decide on the number of rooms you will need. Make sure the rooms have basic amenities like a proper bed and AC and toilet so that the guests do not feel uncomfortable resting there.

Attend the guests:

This part is rather difficult to do when you are at your wedding. However, you should try to take some time out of the ceremony to attend your guests. It would make the feel valued and thus they will get more comfortable in that atmosphere.

These are some of the things that you can do to make the guests at your wedding comfortable. Make sure to hire a proper Indian wedding planner who will help you with the entire planning of your wedding. With a good professional by your side, you will not have to worry about anything as almost everything will be taken care of by him.



Getting married is one of the best things that can happen in an individual’s life. That is why people tend to make their wedding day picture perfect so that they can relish that day for the rest of their lives. Besides the rituals and ceremonies of a wedding, the decoration part is also equally important. Given the fact that you will be getting married once in your life and a lot of guests will be coming to the event, it is quite important that you deck up your wedding venue in a beautiful way. That is why you would need professionals to help you with wedding stage decoration in Dubai. Before you go forward and hire professionals related to this field, you need to be aware of the benefits of hiring them.

It will save you time:

When you are going for professionals to get your wedding venue decorated, you can consider half of your job is done. Everything will be taken care of by the professionals. From planning to entire decoration to implementing the same, you will not have to worry about anything.

You will get tons of ideas:

You might already have ideas about decorating your wedding venue but with proper professionals by your side, you will find that there is an overflow of ideas. The professionals will help you to make your plans better and will also point out if there is any practical problem in your idea of decorating the place.

Now, these are the primary benefits you can avail when you hire professionals for stage decoration in Dubai. However, if you have some ideas already in your mind then it gets easier for both parties to execute it. Some ideas that you can consider while planning the stage decoration of your wedding are mentioned below.

Glo floral:

Flowers make everything look beautiful. That is why if you select a floral decoration of your wedding stage, you can never go wrong. Be it an outdoor wedding or an indoor one, decorating the stage with various flowers will make it look bright and beautiful and bring in a soothing vibe as well.

Use colorful pieces of cotton:

Another way of decking up your wedding stage is by using various colorful pieces of cotton or other materials. If you prefer white, then you can use only white cotton pieces as well for giving the stage a divine look.

Bring out creativity:

You can also show your creative skills in decorating the stage of your wedding. You can use pieces of art on the stage to bring out an artistic look. It would look both unique and quirky.

These are some of the ways of decorating the wedding stage of yours. However, make sure to get hold of a proper planner before you proceed with the entire thing. Everything cannot be taken care of on your own and thus you need efficient professionals by your side. Make sure to do thorough market research before you select a particular brand of professionals.



Organizing events can be a daunting task. Handling millions of issues at once, ensuring that everything is according to the plan, coordinating with others, and whatnot. You might end up feeling tired and frustrated by the end of the day. Not to mention, you will have to have a backup plan and constantly worry about how things are unfolding.

But with event organizers, you don’t have to take the stress. Right from booking the venue, they will handle every aspect of the event so that you can enjoy the special day without being overwhelmed by work.

However, the success of the event depends on the event organizers you choose. Just as with any field, there will be capable and not so capable organizers. It’s up to you to select the right kind of event organizers for the event. Numerous companies provide event planning services in Dubai. By keeping in mind the following pointers, you can choose an event organizer who is the best fit for your requirements.

The Objectives of the Event
• Start by listing out the objectives of the event. What is the event? Are you planning a birthday party, a wedding, or an official event?
• If it’s a wedding, what kind of rituals are you opting for? Will it be a destination wedding or royal one, a themed one, or a traditional ceremony?
• What is your budget for the event? Stay firm on this. Some event organizers do not cater to limited budgets.
• How many guests are you planning to invite? How many hours/ days is the entire event going to last? What kind of menu are you thinking about?
Hire a Company
• Unless you know what you want, you cannot move ahead to choose an event organizer. The best choice would be to hire an event organizing company.
• They tend to have more professionals working with them and can provide you with the required services easily.
Have in-depth Meetings
• Once you shortlist the companies, plan a meeting with each of them. Explain your ideas, opinions, and requirements.
• See if they can visualize your version of the event. The best event organizers will understand what you want and provide suggestions to make the event better while adhering to the budget specifications.
• You will have to be flexible in the idea and thought so that both of you together can work in tandem and plan the best event.
• Don’t forget to follow up with the organizers after you handover the job. Keeps the communication flowing!

Jannat Events have been organizing events for a wide range of clientele for years. As one of the top event organizer company in Dubai, Jannat Events has the right connections to provide clients with the best of the services and make their dream idea of the events come true, that too within the budget. With an experienced team, Jannat Event knows how to balance dreams and reality and ensure the success of the event.



Now, this is a question that has many answers. Searching on the internet will provide you with multiple options. You can make a list of more than 50 best places for a destination wedding. But doesn’t that get even more confusing?

There are various factors you will need to take into consideration before deciding the best place for a destination wedding. While we can say that certain places have an advantage over other locations when it comes to booking venues or organizing the event, it ultimately depends on you.

The best place for others may or may not be the best place for you. The first thing to do is to write down the answers to the following questions so that you will know which destination to finalize for the wedding. Then you can start searching for event organizers who will handle the entire event on your behalf. You will also be able to hire the best professionals from the local talent pool.

  • What is your personality type?
  • What kind of wedding are you aiming for?
  • How far away is the wedding date?
  • How far away do you want the destination to be?
  • In which season will the wedding take place?
  • Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding? Will it be possible during that season?
  • How many guests are you planning to invite?
  • What is your budget? How much can you go over the original budget?
  • What are the local wedding requirements? Do you need to take extra permissions?

By the time you answer these questions, you will know the limitations you’ll have to consider before deciding the destination. Dubai is one of the most loved wedding destinations in the world. There are numerous options available for both indoor and outdoor wedding events in Dubai. Moreover, you can easily find the best destination wedding planners in Dubai.

But since we are trying to make a list of the best wedding destinations, here are some of them you can try apart from Dubai.

  • Caribbean- Jamaica, Cayman Islands,  Puerto Rico
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico- Riviera Maya, Los Cabos
  • USA- Hawai, Georgia, North Carolina
  • Italy- Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany
  • Ireland
  • Loire Valley, France

Be it a royal wedding or a themed one, the wedding planners will find the most suitable venue that will fit within your budget. You have to remember that your budget should pay for the entire wedding and not just the venue and rooms for guests. Destination wedding planners have a lot of contacts and can get you better discounts than what you might get when you approach on your own. Every saved penny counts and can be used to hire experienced professionals for catering, makeup, and photography.

Jannat Events is a well-known destination wedding organizer in Dubai. With years of experience, the team handles destination weddings with ease and expertise. Your dream wedding will come true when you trust Jannat Events to organize the wedding ceremony at your favorite destination.



Not every couple wants an ordinary wedding. There are some couples who want to have the best and rocking destination wedding and this blog is especially for them. We know that planning a wedding is not easy but also it is not impossible at the same time. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind to have an amazing and successful wedding.

Even though you are hiring one of the best destination wedding event planners, these are a few things you need to consider during your destination wedding:

1. Budget: Before you start organizing your wedding you need to have a specific budget for everything. It is necessary because at the time of the wedding you would not want to run out of money. So, have a specific budget for everything from your wedding dress to location to caterers.

2. Venue: After you have set your budget, you need to hunt for the right venue for your wedding. And when you are doing a destination wedding, searching for the right venue is really important and it needs to be done carefully. So, choose the location according to your preferences and budget wisely.

3. Decorations: After you have finalized the location for your destination wedding, you need to decide the decorations of the venue. You need to decide if you want more flowers or more lighting. Decorations need to match your theme and your requirements.

4. Music: Then you need to decide what kind of music you need to be played at your wedding. If you want soft music or you want a DJ for some rock music keeping your wedding theme and mood in mind.

5. Caterers: This is the most important thing in every wedding. No wedding is successful without delicious food. So, choose the catering services very carefully for your wedding. Taste food, before appointing any of them.

6. Guests: Make a list of guests you want to invite at your wedding and send them the beautifully designed invitation with all the necessary information written on it. And when you are planning a destination wedding, you need to find a place for their accommodation. So, don’t forget to book a place for their stay till the end of the wedding.

7. Wedding Dress and Jewelry: Now once everything is sorted for the venue, decorations, guests, and food, it is the time to look for your wedding dress and all the accessories you are going to need according to your dress. Find the right wedding dress and accessories according to the arrangements and theme.

All these points are necessary to be considered for a successful destination wedding. And if you are looking for the best destination wedding planners you can rely on Jannat Events. It is having a team of planners, who are talented and experienced to organize the best weddings for their clients.

They have been in this industry for years and are doing their work with perfection to satisfy their clients and meet their expectations. They will help you in arranging your wedding within your budget. So, you can contact them for the best destination wedding.



Planning an event is not easy. It is the most hectic task you are ever going to come across and that is the reason that most of the people prefer appointing the best event planners in Dubai to organize their events because they are going to do their best and give you the perfect results. But still, if you want to organize your event on your own, you need to know a few things that are necessary for a successful event. And mentioned below are those few things you need to consider while planning an event:

1. The first thing needs to be the selection of the location where you want the event to be organized. According to the event and your preferences you need to find the most suitable destination for the event to be organized.

2. You need to be really clear about the occasion for which you are organizing the event because all the arrangements are going to be done according to the ceremony. Having a clear idea about the ceremony is going to help you in arranging the right things for the guests and make it a success.

3. Then you need to prepare an invitation for the guests and send them on time. Keeping the event in mind you need to design the appropriate invitation for the guests. And make sure that it is having all the necessary details about the event for the ease of the guests.

4. You need to take care of the decorations and the caterers. Both of these things are really important for a successful event. You need to have the right decorations according to the event and the delicious food to offer the guests.

5. And in case your guests are coming from faraway places, you need to arrange accommodation for them. They need to have the best place for their stay to be able to attend the event energetic and fresh because an event will be enjoyed only when your guests are charged.

6. You need to have a proper budget for organizing an event. And you need to do everything within your budget because you should not feel that you are out of money once the event has ended. So, it is better to have a fixed budget and work within it in order to avoid running out of money.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you should not compromise with the quality of arrangements and the location. Keep all the crucial things in mind that were just mentioned in the blog for a successful event.

And in case you are looking for one of the best event management companies to make yourself stress-free from the task of organizing the event, you can contact Jannat Events. They are known for their perfection in their job. They have been doing this for years and have a great success rate. They are arranging the events for their clients considering all the necessary things that too at the best prices.

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