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December 23, 2021

Arabic entertainments are very popular in the country, you can also choose some Arabic entertainments to add to your events to make it more memorable and entertaining. Arabic entertainments can surely uplift the entire event. Traditional Arabic entertainments are so colorful and it can also be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the audience and guests.  You can easily incorporate Arabic entertainment into any events like corporate functions, private parties, weddings, or a dinner party. Contact Jannat Events, one of the top event management companies in Dubai for making your events spectacular and unforgettable.

Check out some of the popular Arabic entertainment that will surely take your breath away!

1. Fire Tanoura Show

Tanoura Show is a dare-devil show that intrigues your audience. Tanoura means “skirt”. A professional tanoura dancer in action can make your head spin!! The artist will twirl and twist in many different ways and it will surely keep your guests entertained till the end.

2. Belly dance

Belly dance is an unavoidable entertainment form in Arabic entertainment. Arabic belly dancing is a very popular form of dance. It can charm your audience and can even make the audience’s feet dance to the rhythmic music. These are performed by professionals and are very entertaining to watch.

3. Oud artist

Oud is a versatile musical instrument in the world of music, and an Arabic oud is very popular. This ancient musical instrument when played by a professional with perfection can be really mesmerizing. It is really magical that this ancient instrument is still very popular in modern times.

4. Sand artist

Sand art can be a breathtaking art form. It easily awakens an audience’s sense of wonderment.  In sand art, a unique story is illustrated with sand on a projected screen.  Sand artists always try to include some interesting stories on their canvas that can evoke beautiful emotions in your guests. This unique Arabic entertainment is perfect for events like corporate events, private functions, product launches, etc. Also, check out some other entertainment ideas for your corporate events.

5. Egyptian Dabke

Dabke is a energetic group dance. This dance is performed by Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, etc. Dabke is a folkloric dance that can make your viewer’s blood pumping because of its unique music and dance movements. It is an ideal entertainment for any wedding event.

Arabic entertainment can easily make any of your events mesmerizing and grand. Contact Jannat Events, the leading event management company in UAE, we can easily plan and execute your events according to your convenient budget. Contact us now for knowing more details. Also, check out our events portfolio to get to know more about us!!