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South Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

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South Indian mandap decorations have surpassed the classic standards of a pattern of drapes and floral arrangements, scrunched or hanging, with or without flower arrangements. With new designs constantly coming up in the minds of wedding planners and designers, fresh trends and curated designs have evolved with time. South Indian wedding decor today may be a mesmerizing affair with a central theme. Attention is given to the tiniest details and all of it put together has taken wedding decor a notch higher.A major aspect of wedding decor is that the stage decoration. This is where the couple gets married and is additionally featured in most the marriage photos. Hence Stage decoration may be a crucial a part of wedding planning. Here are a couple of designs that you simply might find interesting: 1.Floral, fairy-tale mandap: This kind of decor comes with an extravaganza of colourful flowers. You can select the colors and kinds of flowers that you simply want and make the decorations appear as if a page out of a fairy-tale. 2.Classic gold and red/wine mandap: Though a classic combination, it does hold a particular undeniable charm. This type of decor is traditional. The combination is vibrant and festive, lending slightly of elegance to the mandap. 3.All-white mandap: For the mandap to be ethereal and subtle, an all-white combination could also be a perfect backdrop for all the glitz of a South Indian wedding. It are often a mixture of exotic white flowers, perfumed candles, and drapes to offer a sense of elegance and subtlety. 4.Palace theme: A palace themed mandap can add grandeur to your wedding. You can choose a neighborhood of a royal palace and decorate it with royal colours of gold, silver, purple, and maroon to offer your marriage a princely look. 5.Colour it with yellow: A mandap that’s all yellow and gold looks gorgeous. This riot of colours can lend the mandap a desi look and you can enhance it further with marigolds. This is a good option for couples who want to skip the orchids and carnations, and stick to the desi look and feel. All these beautiful stage setups are often delivered to life only by the simplest wedding decorators. Our wedding planning experts at Jannat Events will assist you in managing every aspect of this momentous occasion and make sure that it’s a memorable one. Jannat Events help you find vendors for all wedding-related services like wedding photography, wedding catering, honeymoon packages, and a lot more.