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What to expect from your Wedding Planner?

Weddings are joyful and happy occasions however typically, coming up with one are often something however joyful. Though it’s natural for you to need to regulate everything that happens on your day, typically it’s best to go away the task of planning a wedding to the professionals so you’ll be able to merely fancy your huge day along with your friends and family. If you are doing attempt to hire a wedding planner to your wedding, you’ll be able to expect the subsequent from him/her:


One of the primary and foremost concerns for your wedding ought to be the budget. Might begin with the amount of functions all the expenses to the food and ornamentation. This call also will have a vast impact on the remainder of the selections you create for your wedding. in this case, you would possibly notice it helpful to hire an expert events planner and discuss the budget so you avoid over or underspending.

Sourcing for Venues and Vendors

The wedding trade is gigantic, and it are often a true pain to seek out and trust the correct service suppliers with managing the minute details of your huge day. Particularly once it involves the larger piece of labor like selecting the venue and key vendors. Hiring a marriage planner are often a blessing in disguise as they apprehend the correct folks to contact for the venue, the flowers, the food, etc. so you are do not have to be compelled to worry regarding something.

Your dream wedding and vision

Wedding and event planners additionally make sure that the couple gets precisely what they’ve unreal of all their life once it involves their wedding. Sometimes, you would possibly notice it tough to convey your vision of the right wedding or your thoughts and concepts into words. In such a situation, it’d be handy for you to form a vision board to assist the planner perceive your vision and make the right mood, vogue and appearance for your D-day! Some planners even go that further mile to form some CGI’s so you get an improved plan of however its all planning to look.

Managing ‘The Day’

Whether we have a tendency to find it irresistible or not, it’s quite traditional for one thing to travel wrong or some hassle to appear on the day of the event. Therefore, it’s good to predict the challenges and draw up an idea to beat them beforehand. In this case, wedding planners will convince be lifesavers as they will take pleasure in a strategic coming up with method wherever they additionally anticipate the challenges and what can fail so they’re higher equipped to handle a crisis.

Create Memories

One of the foremost integral elements of a marriage day area unit the reminiscences you produce within the type of videos and footage. A videographer and a videographer are indispensable at any wedding as each couple desires to freeze the happy day to be homesick regarding after they are old and gray. Hiring a marriage party planner helps you relax so you are doing not have to be compelled to worry regarding the decision-making method and also the very little details also because the fine print. All you have got to try and do is fancy your wedding to the fullest and make memories!

So, what area unit you waiting for? rent a competent events planner and manager to possess a marriage of the season! Get in contact with us for details.


How to set up A Rocking Bachelor/Bachelorette Party?

If your bestie is obtaining married and you’re making an attempt to win the award for the most effective tender or groomsman, the most effective thanks to get there’s to set up a rocking bachelor/bachelorette party for the soon-to-be-wed happy couple. From engagement presents to wedding gifts to deciding the theme of the party and considering the diversion for the evening, there are loads to think about. And if you’re no helper or particularly stressed concerning however you’re reaching to approach the task of coming up with a complete party for the bride or the groom, here square measure some tips to assist you out!

Chat with the Groom/Bride

The first and most significant issue to try and do once designing a bachelor/bachelorette party is to speak to the bride and also the groom. After all, it’s their day, and so, they have to be unbroken. it’s a decent plan to raise the happy couple specifically what they expect from the party and if they require it to be an extravagant and crazy affair or a lot of low-keyed, shut friends solely with wonderful food and drinks reasonably event. In any case, don’t forget to share your plans with the bride/groom.

Finalize a date and a location

The next step is to finalize a date and a venue. Again, it’s crucial to make sure that everybody RSVPs and is offered to attend the party on a selected date, including, of course, the bride and also the groom. Opt for a location keeping your discussion with the couple in mind and ensure it’s convenient enough for all the guests.

Set a theme and a budget

After that, set a theme and a budget. The issue with parties like these is that things will quickly get out of hand and you would possibly end up out of all the cash you put aside for the party. So, set a budget and continue it. Also, opt for an out-of-the-box theme for the party per the preferences of the bride and also the groom.

Build a guest list

Making a guest list is another important task. Rely on all the folks the bride/groom would wish to pay their previous couple of “single” days with and write all those names. Don’t forget to ask the couple to their own party or that may simply be awkward!

Set up a surprise

Lastly, don’t forget to set up a surprise! Rely on one thing your relief told you he/she very needed and take a look at to create that happen for them. Trust us! Nothing can build the party a lot of spectacular than the stunned look on the bride’s/groom’s face. you’ll additionally contemplate labour all the guests within the surprise to create it grander.

A bachelor/bachelorette party is a very important milestone within the lives of the couple and may be an ideal event for each of them. If you continue to end up battling the plans, why not take the assistance of professional wedding planner?


Trending Hairstyles At Weddings!

Every girl features a picture in her head about the planning she wants for each of her wedding functions as we all dream of being the prettiest bride. Your bridal hairstyle deserves the maximum amount attention as your sartorial and makeup choices.

Well, I’m here to assist you out together with your wedding hairstyle! Whether you would like to realize a dramatic check out night or to stay it neat and lightweight during the day.

Senorita Bun

This is a mixture of an Indian and French bun, a basic smooth look from the front and a firmly meshed bun at the rear , delightfully accessorized with some roses at the edges giving it the design of the French senorita.

Side Swept Curls

Side swept curls are always trending, you almost certainly won’t pick this one for the marriage day but can easily steal the charm in other pre and post wedding functions. This bridal hairstyle is extremely fresh looking, and appears beautiful!

Braided Bun

This braided side bun is all you would like when you’re confused as it’s basic but looks super classy and modern at an equivalent time. This Indian Bridal Hairstyle is extraordinary and unique, if you’re looking to undertake something new give this an attempt .

Half Tied

In this bridal hairstyle half the hair is tied at the rear with a number of the hair left loose. You can keep the front a touch puffy to incorporate volume and keep the loose hair its natural way, accessorize it with some hair accessory or flowers. Add a couple of twisties or braids which matches till the rear of your head to offer it a singular look.

Braided Loose Hair With Light Curls

Braid the front side of your hair till the rear of your head and keep the opposite portion of your hair all loose with slight twists for this stunning bridal hairstyle look.

The Gajra Look

This type of haircut has been within the trend since an extended time and still haven’t lost its appeal and charm, during this bridal hairstyle an easy bun is formed and then the sides of the bun are covered with fresh “Gajra” to offer a particularly authentic search for the right bride.

Side Braid

If going minimal is your style then this look is ideal for all the simplistic brides. It’s all about the side braid may be a cute sort of braiding that goes over the shoulder.


Trending Entertainment Options For Wedding Reception

Marriage is all about celebration and fun. A wedding may be a ceremony that’s to be cherished for all times and with some funny elements to boost the ritualistic moments, and to feature your individuality in the occasion.

Whether you would like to stay your reception chilled, formal or a real party atmosphere we’ve some entertaining ideas suitable for your wedding.

Live Bands

These are the trending entertainment elements once you want something different aside from the normal DJs. Though if you’re somehow excited about the thought of getting live band at your wedding, it might be better to settle on the one who is protected with certain proposals. You can even arrange for a few retro-themed or music band if you would like to illuminate your atmosphere with more creativity.

Table Trivia

This thought is usually amazing and you ought to include it because it will significantly impress your guests. Table trivia is that game during which the couples ask one another questions and that they both need to answer them. But here is that catch, questions are often found out for the guests also . The questions are going to be quirky and witty and filled with fun.

Photo Booths

Photos are exciting and memorable. They are always welcomed at every occasion. So, found out a photograph booth at your wedding will offer you r photos a tremendous background and also as give you some amazing candid pictures.

Put your story on a video

It is the thanks to share your own unique romance and let your guest see how your love bloom and grow.

Wish Tree

You can found out a wish tree or blessing station to let your guests share their thoughts and blessings, so it are often made as a neighborhood of a marriage album. The guests can hang their cards on the tree, creating a stunning piece of artwork crammed with messages of congratulations and love.

Whiskey Bar

Party is definitely incomplete without this section. It is the foremost gracious thanks to ensure all of your guests are happy.

The whiskey bar are going to be awesome once you can arrange for the whisky fountain. It will make your guests go awestruck. All the guests would love the gorgeous arrangement done at the whisky bar.


Everything you ought to realize Dhow Cruise Creek

For most of the tourists round the globe, Dubai is all about the high rises and luxury life. it’s mainly because they’re unaware of the quaint side of the town . If you would like to ascertain the smallest amount explored and known side of Dubai, head to Creek.

It is a natural waterway which has been flowing through the eventful history of the town . Creek was the hub of pearl diving and fishing which were the most source of income within the past days.

While everything within the city keeps changing every moment with new skyscrapers sprouting up, it’s maintained some parts within the same way for all good reasons. From this, the town conveys the specific concept it never forgets where it came from.

Creek has made a transparent distinction in two parts of Dubai which are like night and day. they’re called old Dubai and new Dubai during which the previous consisting of Deira and Bur Dubai.

These are the normal water taxis ferrying people across Creek. But, if you wish to try to to it during a luxurious way, choose a Dhow cruise. it’s one among the foremost popular tourist activities in Dubai. Dhows are traditional wooden boats which were used for trade the past. Now they’re renovated and have become the luxurious leisure boats.

Why Dhow Cruise Creek is worth experiencing

Dubai Creek features a great historic significance because it contributed to the city’s economic prosperity. Deira and Bur Dubai which lie on either side of the creek have museums and souks like Heritage Village, Spice Souk and Gold Souk. The tourists can explore the past of Dubai and know its traditional life while cruising through Creek. it’s also a chance to understand that this a part of Dubai isn’t about luxury, but simplicity.

A typical Creek Dhow Cruise experience

Sailing on a Dhow gives you an important break from your daily routine. The enticing sites, delicious food and artistic performances are all treats to your senses. Following are the three main benefits of selecting a Dhow cruise in Dubai.


Dhow cruise Creek will cover the Old Dubai which incorporates Bur Dubai and Deira. you’ll have glimpses of Dubai commercial bank and Dubai Chamber of Commerce which are a number of the earliest skyscrapers within the city. The Rolex World Trade Center are another major attraction in Creek. you’ll see Abras passing by with residents also as tourists.


As you cruise through Creek and admire the standard beginnings of Dubai, entertainment shows will start to unveil. the foremost popular entertainment on a Dhow is Tanoura dance. Many tourists choose a Dhow especially to ascertain this magical performance. Tanoura dancer may be a male who wears a colourful skirt and it’s a sort of Sufi dance.

He will spin continuously by performing some tricks together with his props. The amazing a part of this twirling dance is that the dancer never feels dizzy no matter the duration. Music is additionally played within the boats to make sure that you simply won’t get bored even for a flash .

5-star dinner buffet

No expensive hotels in Dubai can surpass the dining experience offered by a Dhow. These boats provide 5-star dinner buffet with intercontinental dishes. you’ll savor every bite while the boat moves through a number of the economic landmarks within the city. Live entertainment shows also are arranged to reinforce the dining experience.

Choosing between Dhow Cruise Creek and Marina

Dhows in Dubai has two equally captivating yet different destinations which might sometimes offer you a tough time in choosing the simplest . once you choose Creek, it’s more about the history and straightforward aspect of Dubai. But Marina is that the venue to feel the festive mood and city lifestyle that’s entirely different from Creek. Dhow cruise Marina will undergo Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Marina Walk, Marina Mall and Bluewaters Island.

While comparing the budget, Marina is dear and Creek is affordable. However, aside from these, the entertainment shows and dinner buffet are of an equivalent quality and standards. When it involves choosing the simplest destination, it solely depends on your tastes and preferences.


Basic Etiquettes to Follow at Yatch Parties

If you’ve got a passion towards the yacht experience, then you’re in luck. We are noticing an increase within the growth of this industry over subsequent few years, which is sure to leave guests with a memorable experience. If you’re lucky to be a neighborhood of an extravagant yacht party, there are a couple of basic etiquettes that you’re going to need to follow. Not sure where to start? Worry not as we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you would like to understand when attending such parties.


It is crucial for you to go away your shoes behind. Several yachts follow a no-shoes onboard policy. So, before stepping on the deck, confirm you’ve removed your footwear. It is advisable to stay now in mind, so you avoid spending on an upscale pair, only to understand that you’re going to need to take them off.


While the code does depend upon the host of the party, there’s an important attire requirement. If the code involves wearing casuals, men escape by wearing semi-casual tops over shorts. Women, on the opposite hand, can wear a light-weight dress. However, if it is a formal code , men are going to be seen in tuxedos and ladies in less casual dresses. Furthermore, it might be best if you furthermore may considered the cultural factor. Recheck with the yacht company about specific clothes, to stop being permitted from entry to the yacht.


Sure, it’s going to be easy to urge trapped with everything happening at the party. They work tirelessly to make sure you and your guests have an excellent time. So, you’d like to treat them with an equivalent respect as you would together with your peers. If in the least you are doing happen to encounter a problem with someone from the crew, it might be knowing take it to the captain directly. Avoid resolving it on your own, or it’s going to end in legal issues.


While the event organizer will leave a tip, it is a nice gesture to supply additional tips from your end. It shows your appreciation for their service. Additionally, it brings them a sense of joy, knowing you acknowledged their treatment towards you.


How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

A bridal shower may be a fun, celebratory occasion that permits the bride’s close friends and relations to spend some quality time together before the large day. It’s a chance for guests to “shower” the betrothed with gifts to assist her establish a home together with her future spouse.A rather exciting yet emotional event before the wedding requires a little more effort.

Decide on theme

Keeping a topic makes the party a touch more interesting.

Tasty Bridal Shower Menu

The best thanks to plan for the bridal shower menu is to stay to the food that you simply know the bride will like. Catering to an inventory that she loves will make the day phenomenal for her and her guests. Allow your guests to desire they will serve themselves once they feel a bit parched by creating beverage stations with sweet dispensers. And don’t forget to fill them with the bride-to-be’s favorite signature cocktail.

Plan out the bridal shower games

The perfect bridal shower is incomplete without games. You’ll need to find some silly yet highly entertaining and engaging, bridal shower games to play at the party. Be it an engraved wine glass or cute goody bag crammed with chocolates, to something wearable like personalized sunglasses. No matter what it’s, people will simply appreciate the thought.

Something Special for The Bride

The bride is that the center of attention and there has got to be something that creates her check out of the planet . Amaze her with some small and sweet gestures.

Bridal Shower is that the fabulous thanks to shower your love on the bride-to-be and need her all the luck before she starts a replacement life. Keeping these things in mind can help to surprise the bride with a fun-filled gathering consisting of all her near and dear ones. Just drop us a line


Tips for Successful Corporate Event

Organising a successful corporate event isn’t almost execution; it takes far more than that. A corporate event may be a thanks to build client relationships and brand awareness or maybe promote a product or service. So be it big or small, corporate events must be organized during a way such it promotes the corporate’s image and reputation. So, its success is critical to the business. Here are some corporate event planning ideas,

1) Objective

You need be very clear with the purpose of your event. What is it that you want to accomplish for hosting the corporate event? Envision the event and choose corporate event themes once you’re clear with the goal. An idea will assist you stick with your purpose, and you’ll be ready to deliver it to the audience effectively.

2) Appealing Venue

The venue plays a crucial role in deciding how your event will come up. A spacious and posh venue would have a positive influence on the people. The ambience features a significant effect and the perception towards your event.

3) Scrumptious Menu

The menu is an important ingredient of a successful event. Be sure the list consists of diverse dishes for various sorts of dietary requirement of your guests like vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher, etc.

4) Delightful Décor

Decorations must be very pleasing to the eyes and will complement the theme of the event. Decorations must not be overdone as it could deviate the concept of the event. The décor must suit the venue and therefore the vision.

5) Hire Corporate Event Planner

Jannat Events are professionals well versed with hosting events. Hiring one will relieve you from all the fussy and daunting work and assist you specialise in improving the experience of the event for your clients.

6) Riveting Engagement

Engagement is the life of the event. An uninterested audience makes the aim of the entire event go down the drain. The event must be compelling and interesting the audience through various activities and crowd interactive entertainment.

7) Handouts

A brochure that provides a gist of your event will help the audience to form the foremost out of it. A detailed handout will guide your clients and help them to have a better understanding of the purpose of corporate event.

8) Goodies or Gifts

Who doesn’t like goodies? Freebies or goodies are something which can leave a mark on your audience and can act as a medium of remembrance of the event. You can decide best corporate gifts consistent with your event and therefore the crowd attending it.

Organizing an event can be overwhelming. From planning to executing, there are a lot of things which require scrutinizing and attention. Efficiently planning things is half battle won. And the points mentioned above will help you in winning the other half.



Dubai is the epitome of beauty. Dubai is the proper place for a pre-wedding shoot, from adventure to romance. You will attract towards the spectacular landscape, vast deserts, skyscraper buildings and wonderful beaches in Dubai. We explore a number of the right locations within the Dubai which will set the bottom running for fulfilling your utmost desire of a memorable pre-wedding shoot.

Desert Safari

It’s the primary thing that crosses one’s mind and doubtless the foremost popular choice for wedding photographers. For couples who love thrill, this is often an ideal place in Dubai. Just let your outfits flow with the natural breeze and add a striking contrast to the sand dunes. The serenity and openness make it the right setting for a pre-wedding shoot session!

Burj Khalifa

One of the foremost popular and scenery places to shoot in Dubai is Burj Khalifa. You cannot consider Dubai stupidly of the Burj Khalifa. Enjoy the romantic shot at Burj Khalifa after the sun goes down.

Fujairah Mountains

The rocks add a gorgeous reddish tone which will be paired up with beautiful bright or light-colored clothing. Having your pre-wedding shoot at this location may result in some really magical photos and memories which will be cherished for a lifetime.

Dubai Aquarium

Ever proposed inside the tunnels of the Dubai Aquarium? The sharks and therefore the gold fish might be your audience cheering for your long-lasting happiness. To have a singular pre-wedding shoot in Dubai, a few should choose a full-fledged Aquarium photoshoot.

Madinat Jumeirah and the adjoining Palm Island

If you’re keen on everything exotic and sophistication, this is often one among the simplest places to plan a luxury pre-wedding shoot. Pick any nook or corner of the magnificent Madinat Jumeirah and add just the proper touch of magic to each frame. Each brick and stone of this iconic structure features a romance to inform.

Crystal Clear Beaches

For a romantic pre-wedding shoot, nothing can beat the land and water on the Dubai beaches. The blue turquoise setting of the beach or the dusky reminder yellow during sunset can set the tone for your beach photo session.

Miracle Garden

What’s more romantic than many flowers blooming during a riot of colour and heart-shaped archways? Dubai Miracle Garden is the magical place to celebrate your love surrounded naturally and stunning blooms. Colourful Miracle Garden will make your shoot amazing.

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is one among the all-time favorites for pre-wedding shoots. Dine alongside the boats at Yas Marina and let romance bloom.

Dubai is that the shining star of the center East that gives for a picture-perfect pre-wedding shoot. Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai is that the most suitable option which will definitely make couples to reminisce these precious moments at every stage of their life. Get in touch with us.



Dubai is an epitome of luxury and therefore the most exotic location for a destination wedding, which offers your guests an unforgettable wedding experience. It is an ideal destination for anyone looking to tie the knot in the most memorable way. With a plethora of lovely views, it’s a superb place for Arabian-themed weddings, luxurious weddings, beach weddings, and lots of more. There are endless reasons to settle on Dubai as a favourite destination for a marriage.

Conveniently Located

Dubai is the perfect hub for destination weddings. It is conveniently situated between three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia and makes it easy for your guests to travel. It provides connectivity to many flights from various corners of the world.

Dubai is home to a plethora of spectacular venues with a varied price range and scenic beauty. Dubai offers countless luxurious hotels, beach resorts, Villas, romantic desert resorts, or maybe a yacht to host your perfect dream wedding. Whatever environment you’ll have envisioned for your destination wedding, you’re bound to find a venue at Dubai.

Fantastic Weather

Dubai offers fantastic weather for your dream wedding. If you would like to flee the winter gloom for your big day then the simplest time to plan a destination wedding in Dubai is from September to April. Dubai is ideal for outdoor wedding celebrations, if you’re getting to marry in winter this year.

Beautiful Photography

Dubai is famous for its world-known attractions. Every spot in Dubai is ideal for your photograph because it captures the foremost precious moments for any couple. Dubai offers beautiful landscapes which are amazing for photography.

Shop Until You Drop

Dubai is a shopping paradise on earth. It is absolutely an excellent place for wedding shopping. You can find the simplest wedding trousseau within the vibrant city of Dubai on many Bridal showrooms like Pronovias, Beljour Bridal, Esposa, Traditional Souk at Jumeirah and lots of more.

Arrange Your Wedding According To Your Beliefs

The expected community in Dubai is large and has followers of various religions and faiths. Whether you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or a lover of the other faith, there’s always room for you to possess your dream wedding within the beautiful city. The emirate has many mosques, temples, and churches where you’ll have a spiritual marriage of your choice.

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