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It can come as no surprise that more coordination is required for destination weddings than local weddings. Paying careful attention to detail is essential as you are not just organizing an event far from home, but you are also expected to be hosting several activities over the wedding weekend, not just the ceremony and reception. The good news is wedding planners will support you do just that.

Reasons for Hiring a Holiday Planner

Besides the ease of realizing that your wedding is in capable hands, destination wedding planners deliver the following:

Existence of understanding.

Destination wedding planners relieve the tension by being able to answer your questions regarding wedding decorations, venue, or vendors, explain the details and give a knowledgeable and impartial opinion.If you have to make difficult choices like rain contingency plans, delay your wedding date or navigate unexpected road bumps, they’re an indispensable asset.

Hands-on training

A top wedding planner for a destination has years of experience, contacts and relationships that they have developed over time. They can tackle any question that comes up with grace.

Local liaisons.

By choosing a planner who is familiar with your destination or has excellent resources there, they may have the experience which is not available to you. They will recommend the “off-the-beaten-path” places to visit and eat, in addition to knowing the best vendors to work with and advising the months for optimal weather.

What Does a Wedding Planner for Destination Do?

Aside from conventional wedding planning duties, here is a list of specific tasks for which they are responsible:

  • Provide advice based on their experience and local law study, required licenses, criteria for marriage licences, etc.
  • Give a variety of vendors and a location that best fits your guest count, budget, and vision.
  • Help you make a reasonable budget that is based on your needs and wishes. They can advise about where to cut back, and what the splurge is worth.
  • Give travel tips and advice to help comfortably schedule the trip for you and your friends.
  • Develop contingency plans for rain and other unexpected bumps on the path.
  • Coordinate with vendors and location, control schedules and control colleagues.
  • RSVPs and Guestlists are handled.
  • Make suggestions for rentals of a florist, audio and lighting equipment, and hair and makeup.
  • Catering, correspondence, and management

Apart from the above-mentioned duties, if you wedding planner is not a local person, your planner would need to fly to meet the location and take care of the decorations and vendors in advance just a few days before the wedding activities. This is particularly important as everything needs to go as planned. Make sure to tell the wedding planner to review these costs inside their proposal and contract with you.

These days, wedding planners come with a package which includes services like wedding decorations and photography.  To find the wedding planners, you can look at the wedding decorations and theme and see who produced them and arrange a meeting with them. Many event planners offer excellent wedding decorations Dubai.  Also, read the client testimonials from social media to make sure they are good at their work.



There is a reason why weddings are called a great affair. It is because of the amount of planning, description, and efforts that goes into organizing these sets them apart from other celebrations. As the bride and groom spend months choosing what to wear, the same is achieved by a wedding planner attempting to make a perfect image of the wedding venue.

As much as a lot of thought goes onto the food, bride and groom’s clothes, wedding stage decoration is also equally important. So here are a few trending wedding decorations that will grab your attention.

Floral all the Way

Whereas the traditional wedding floral arrangements are done-to-death, the trend is shifting towards more sophisticated floral designs using textures and adding little details about the couple and the guests. Pampas grass has become an enormous part of the decor of aisles, tablespacesand lounges.The trend is to give guests an entirely new experience right on their table. The trick is to keep the floral look balanced and not overdo it.

Go Green

The need of the hour is safe and environmentally friendly weddings. Wedding decorations cause a big reality check — humongous wastage and high carbon footprint; therefore, more sustainable decor ideas need to be implemented immediately. Installing solar lighting systems at the venue using locally sourced florals and also using recycled seed paper for wedding cards.Many people use succulents as centres that guests can take as gifts post the wedding and use in their houses as planters. It is also possible to explore bamboo, jute and bagaas boards (made from sugarcane waste) or other biodegradable materials to create structures for the wedding functions. They are not only eco-friendly but also give a rustic, earthy feel to the theme and décor.

Tropical treat

Planning to have a beach wedding? A tropical wedding decor would then be ideal for you. A few ideas about using a mishmash of colour and rustic elements to create a tropical wonderland. Out of the conventional dining tables, one may add elements such as fun stalls, bohemian style beds and wooden boxes for a beach wedding. A long swing can be installed by the beach underneath a secluded tree. This can be a photo booth for couples

Bright lights

Wedding market has used bright colours for wedding decoration for years. However, there has been growing interest in white or pastel shades of pinks, peaches, blues and purples in the last few years. Gold-tinted lights have become popular. Weddings prefer gold in lighting to the warm white version.The purpose of the lights brings out the decor’s elegance. We tend to use natural sunlight for daytime outdoor setups when there is an overcast. In the evenings, we recommend indirect lights for places where visitors are sitting and bright lights for trees and decor. Incorporating Edison bulbs with filaments brings in the retro charm.

There are many wedding stage decoration Dubai that offer excellent services by taking necessary COVID precautions and sanitizing the whole place properly. 



The coronavirus pandemic has dashed the dreams of many couples who had planned of getting married at this time. With airports being shut, restrictions on travelling and the fear of the fatal virus, the wedding industry has suffered a major setback. It’s heart-breaking to call off a wedding that was scheduled for these months. However, instead of feeling disheartened, you can plan your wedding during a lockdown until things become normal. We list below five ways you can plan for your dream wedding during the lockdown.

Get in touch with people in the wedding industry – Now that you have ample time in your hands contact people in the wedding industry to help you guide in various matters. With their profound knowledge and experience, an Indian wedding planner will help you to get access to the best hotels and resorts in the wedding locale that you have selected. They will help you recommend the best wedding destinations at an affordable price. They will also help you set a realistic budget based on your expenses and requirements.

Find out venues – Choosing a wedding venue depends solely on your choice. If you love the mountains, you can choose Shimla. If you are a beach lover, Goa can be the best choice. If you love ancient and historical places, Rajasthan would be an ideal choice. If hills and forests are your fantasy, you might choose Mussorie or Jim Corbett National Park as your wedding locale. A good venue is as important as other aspects of wedding planning. Check venues, compare rates, check the offered and available amenities, etc. before choosing one.

Discuss the rates of hotels – Contact a wedding planner to get the best hotels in your budget. Find out the rates. Get quotations from them. Even in a state of lockdown, you can get an estimate of the hotel rents and other expenses by getting in touch with hotel managers.

Make individual files – As we know, all Indian weddings are elaborate and contain many different functions. A day is kept aside for each wedding function. The last is the wedding reception. You can make separate files on MS word for each function like the décor, outfits, guest list, food items, etc. This will make each day of your wedding easy, systematic and well organised. You can also set a budget for each of these functions.

Prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally – As a soon to be bride or groom, you must prepare yourself in advance. Get in shape physically, tone your body, and join a yoga centre or gym to shed off those extra pounds. Destress yourself. Keep yourself abreast with the latest updates in the wedding industry during the pandemic.

The above ways will help you make your dream wedding an easy possibility when the pandemic ends. People will remember your big day all their lives. Moreover, you will not regret having to spend time with your family in lockdown as this will perhaps be a blessing in disguise for you.



As more and more people prefer destination weddings, the importance of a destination wedding planner becomes prominent. It is a difficult task to hold a wedding in a distant and unknown land all by yourself. This is where the role of a destination wedding planner comes to play. Each region has its own laws and language, which an unknown traveller would not comprehend. Wedding planners make your seemingly daunting task an easy and simple one. We mention below the top 5 benefits of a destination wedding.

Complimentary service – One of the greatest benefits of a certified and renowned destination wedding specialist is that they do not charge anything for their skills and expertise! A layman knows nothing about planning and preparing for a wedding with their limited knowledge. They might also end up paying more without having no idea about the process of the hotels, restaurants and other stuff in the locale that they have chosen. The money that you save when you hire a wedding planner can be used on other things like honeymoon, excursions, massage and spas, and shopping.

Wedding planning becomes stress-free – Planning is a wedding is not a cup of tea for everyone. It requires knowledge, hard work, expertise and patience. Scheduling events, organising group trips and finding travel deals is not easy. It can be a reason for your stress and anxiety. Instead, you would want to focus your time and energy on fun and relaxing things with your to-be-spouse. This is where destination wedding planners come to your rescue so that you can have a stress free and an enjoyable wedding.

Couples can spend more time on fun things – When you hire a destination wedding planner, you can focus on all the fun things to do in the wedding resort that you have chosen. Each wedding resorts offer amenities and fun things to do. Their restaurants offer 5-star international cuisines, hair spas, breakfast in bed, Jacuzzi tubs, manicure/pedicure, cruises, snorkelling and many more.

Legal formalities – Paperwork, needless to say, is the most difficult and tiring part in planning for destination weddings. Each country has its own set of rules, laws and special requirements. It can cause confusion and make the entire wedding planning process an unenjoyable event. Wedding planners, on the other hand, have knowledge about assembling all the important papers, and legal documents. Knowing the requirements of each country, a destination wedding planner will help you get a marriage license easily and much before the wedding.

Constant support – From the time to hire a destination wedding planner to the end of the wedding, you are sure to get help, advice, guidance and recommendations on any topic related to your wedding 24 *7. When you have to make last-minute changes, they are there to do it for you.

The perks mentioned above of top destination wedding planners go a long way to say that they help you get peace of mind before, during and after your big day. Their passion and zeal for making your wedding a memorable one will help you remain stress-free always.



Destination weddings have recently become a trend not only for celebrities but many others. Some people have fantasised about it even before they have got engaged or met their partners. Getting married on a beautiful faraway location such a on a beach or a mountainous region is wonderful. However, the entire process of holding a wedding in an exotic locale is a daunting task, and that is why you need to hire the services of a destination wedding planner. We list below five reasons why you need to hire a destination wedding coordinator for your wedding.

They are familiar with the locales – Marriage means tons of work. You surely wouldn’t like to waste time searching for the best hotels or authentic restaurants or renowned photographers. All this is taken care of by the wedding planner. They know the location better and are familiar with everything in and around the place. Going by his recommendations, your wedding is sure to become a hit.

You save time and energy – The wedding planner makes arrangements for the accommodation, food, wedding décor, cake and everything that comes along while planning a wedding reception. This helps you save time and energy for your big day. You can spend more and quality time with your guests and can also enjoy the sightseeing better.

They help you save money – Most people are of the opinion that hiring a wedding planner means raising your expenses. This isn’t true because the wedding planner has, over the years, built a good rapport with the local vendors and that helps them negotiate the price much better than you could have. They also are able to bag some amazing deals and discounts as they get regular offers. This prevents you from paying an exorbitant price to the local vendors.

Legal matters are taken care of – A wedding involves too many legal formalities to take care of. Nonetheless to say, if it’s in a location that you haven’t been to earlier, it can be tough on you to understand and duly fulfil these legalities. Even if you have been to a particular location earlier, it’s not easy to finish off the legal formalities all by yourself without having profound knowledge about it. This is where the top destination wedding planners are so important. With their knowledge and experience, they are able to take care of all the rules and regulations, verification of documents and everything that is associated with a marriage.

They help you form a budget – Setting a budget for a destination wedding isn’t easy at all as each location demands a different budget. Wedding planners help you guide on it and help you set a realistic budget. They also provide you with the best alternative solutions to your problems.

With the above reasons, we understand that hiring a destination wedding planner keeps you away from stress and anxiety. They help you pull off a great wedding that will be remembered by everyone all their lives.



With most parts of the world in a state of lockdown due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, we all are home-struck. This, however, should not dishearten you. You can instead make the most of your free time by planning for good times ahead, such as your wedding. You can find out and plan ways of how to make your wedding a great and a memorable one from the comforts of your home. We list below some of the wedding planning tasks that you can do while in quarantine.

Chart out plans – Pen down all details of your wedding with the help of your family. Make a separate book where you write down even the minutest details. What is written can never be forgotten as you can also refer to it. This will help you plan everything systematically before the marriage.

Prepare guest list- Now that you have time, you can start preparing the guest list. Its common mistake to forget a few important guests when you make a list in the last time. Depending on the capacity of the venue that you have chosen for your wedding and also the kind of budget that you have, you create a guest list.

Talk out with your wedding planner – In this age of high-speed internet revolution, you can strategize with your wedding planner via video call apps such as Zoom, Skype or Google Duo. You and your partner can chalk out details with the wedding planner and let him/her know the type of wedding that you both are wanting. Planning in advance is good as it helps you devote more time and helps you avoid making mistakes.

Select a wedding venue – Do some research and select a wedding venue based on your preference, number of guests, style, and budget. Communicate this to your pater as well as the agreement of both matters in this regard. Nowadays, many companies allow you the privilege of taking a virtual tour of your wedding venue. So, even if you cannot visit the venue in person, you can see all aspects of the place, sitting on your sofa, courtesy the various online apps.

Online shopping – This is the time when you have to be socially distanced and cannot visit the physical stores. This, however, cannot stop you from purchasing your wedding dresses, accessories, and wedding decoration Dubai. The online stores give you a chance for a great virtual shopping experience. You can check out for your wedding outfits, in accordance with your style in the number of wedding designer websites. 

Personalise your wedding invitations – This is the time when you can create something unique for your guests. Create personalised wedding invitations with some good greetings or a message.

Technology has made it easy for us to plan our weddings in the era of social distancing. Make the most of this quarantine time to make your wedding a grand success. We are sure you will thank this free time for it later!



Marriage is the most special and emotional event for the couple and their families. A wedding bonds two people in a beautiful way. The arrangements for this auspicious occasion play a very important role in making this day more memorable. And it is really arduous for a person to single-handedly look after everything when it comes to destination weddings.

Therefore, the wedding planners are at the services for couples to understand their wedding themes and ideas and plan their day accordingly. Initiating from the place to attire to reception, the wedding decoration planner in Dubai provides the best ideas about decoration and themes especially for destination weddings.

These weddings demand efforts on parts of both client and the planner, but if planned minutely it can give the most astounding experience. Therefore, one must process the following features with the guidance of an experienced planner before making decisions.

Visualization of the day – First and foremost, a couple must envision their wedding day along with all the basic parameters. They should understand that whether they want their ceremonies to be held at beach shores or a cruise in the ocean. It is also important to plan out if they want it in the daytime or in the evenings.

Destination – They should plan out the place which best suits their imagination and convenience. The transport and accommodation facilities need to be known well before booking a date. Furthermore, the dates must be decided according to the weather of the proposed location and availability of the closed ones.

The budget is also pivotal. The determination of attire should also be done beforehand according to the weather at that time.

Research of the location – This step is usually handled by planners who explore every bit about the legal requirements of the marriage in that location and the various vendors. He engages his team in making arrangements for decor, food, and music.

The alternate and backup options should also be looked upon in case of weather change. The accommodation, food, and transportation facilities of the guests are a major point that is focused upon by the planners.

Invitations and photography – Timely invites to all the guests and kind of photography is also a key feature. Kind of weather, time, and place decides the videography. Appointing makeup artists according to attire and weather is another prime attribute.

The final day comes with a lot of unseen responsibilities which are handled by the planners so that the couple can have their best moments of life. Lighting, electricity, food, etc. are checked upon from time to time so that there is no complaint or problem caused to anyone. Wedding decoration Dubai planner expertise in best theme weddings and parties. With the best management and skilled staff, they offer premium services in every niche.

The weddings arranged by the experienced planners come out to be less chaotic. These planners escort their clients right from the grand opening until the alluring endings with the best of the entertainment and hospitality.



Planning a wedding is always fun and exciting, especially if it’s a destination wedding. If you’ve selected your dream wedding venue abroad, the next step is to find out how to arrange a wedding destination, miles away from home. Throwing a destination wedding means you’re in for a much more intimate celebration and you can practically enjoy a two for wedding and honeymoon. But before you fly to the destination to get married, you’ve got some crucial information to remember when you start planning a wedding for your destination.

Pick where you want to go

The first step in the process of planning a wedding at your destination is to choose your perfect place with your partner. Along with being realistic about your goals, you can base your decision on the weather and season. But don’t be afraid of opting for your first choice and getting your dream to life.

Employ a local wedding planner

When planning a wedding at a venue, you may want to buy a destination wedding planner or employ a local planner to save you some trouble. Do your homework to make sure your wedding planner has a strong reputation to access to the vendors.

Fix a budget

Keep financial considerations in mind when setting a comprehensive budget for the actual wedding and its related costs, along with a travel and non-local vendor budget. It is also necessary to remember the currency type that is used at the destination, so you can keep track of what it all costs.

Organize your list of visitors

Since this is a wedding destination, there is less need to extend invites to friends, co-workers or others you’re not close. Keep your guest list small to moderate as your loved ones and close friends will be the main ones purchasing the airfare for your wedding destination.

Invitations to be sent out early

Send wedding invites well in advance so that guests can make savings on their airfare. That’s important to make sure your closest family and friends make it to your wedding.

Agree with any non-local vendors on terms

Since you might be in a destination in which you are not too familiar, you can bring along your photographer and make-up/hair artist. Be sure to arrange their movements and ensure that they are cared for so that your big day can go smoothly.

Make sure that the officer is willing to officiate

Research all marriage-related legalities to ensure that your officer is genuinely eligible to the office and declare you and your loved one ‘married.’ It is critical because some laws demand that the couple is in the country for more than a day.

Book a hotel room for everyone at the same place

Booking the rooms well ahead is very important for a destination wedding. In this way, guests can save a little money and live at the same hotel. Your guests will feel more relaxed in a reserved hotel block surrounded by friends, relatives, and wedding attendants.

Organize wedding shuttle service

Make sure to provide your guests with a way to arrive at the day-of ceremony.



As couples globally face the COVID-19 pandemic, it is proving difficult for many to take the right steps and manage their wedding. But always know that you are not alone at the moment. A million marriages have been delayed until August 2020, and we know it’s a difficult time for so many people impacted by this pandemic. The entire COVID-19 pandemic is still really up in the air, so it’s going to affect everyone’s wedding differently.

But the wedding decoration planner in Dubai takes decisions and manages through the prism of how best to keep our families, staff and friends safe and secure. They guide you through the ups and downs of preparing your wedding during the coronavirus pandemic. But before you panic, there are few things that you need to consider before planning the wedding in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Postpone instead of cancelling the wedding if necessary

It is a well – known how exhausting and time consuming is to reschedule all the wedding stuff, but this is YOUR wedding — and do let this pandemic get you down. So it is your shots to call. A wedding during this time is going to be different. It may be much smaller, it may be off-season, or it may be in a different place, but the outcome will be the same: you will marry your life’s love, and it will be meaningful, passionate and magical. Wherever or whenever.

Don’t let your spirit destroy this situation. Just take a deep breath and begin to put together a Plan B. Also, the wedding should include only a few people. It’s never easy to cut your guest list, but considering the current circumstances surrounding coronavirus, it will be better handled than you would fear. Everyone is generally conscious of the situation and will understand even if they are not invited to the wedding. Also, rescheduling has another benefit: It helps the small business owners involved in your wedding.

Talk to the vendors as soon as possible

The first thing you will want to do is have serious conversations with your venue and vendors about the possible effect of COVID-19 on your wedding (in person if possible or over the call). This is something that can be taken care of by the wedding planner decoration people if you have hired anyone. Otherwise, you will need to reach out directly to the location and sales staff. Know where you stand before doing anything else with your venue or vendor team and refer back to your cancellation and postponement policies contracts as well as any fees or non-refundable deposits details.

Know that something can be worked out

Do not lose hope and always believe that everything will fall into place. Take a deep breath anytime you feel stressed and repeat this mantra that all is figurative. Even if you have not hired one earlier, it is better to hire a wedding planner now as it will make your work a lot easier. Especially during this pandemic situation, it might be hard for people to coordinate and arrange everything which will be made easy if you hire a wedding planner.



A wedding planner is like a partner to the couple who helps in arranging the set details of the event. The ideal planner is one who fulfils your dream wedding into reality within the set standards of budget and style. The events revolve around the creativity, catering, logistics, entertainment, and security offered by the planners. The wedding planner decoration expert generates the best theme according to the wish of their clients. The staff comes out with the perfect blend of flowers, lights and other decors to make it alluring. Additionally, the planning team is also responsible for the various arrangements starting with the grand welcome of the guests to the enticing bid at the reception party.

There are certain aspects on which the couple and the planner together must discuss and planned before jetting off directly to the day.

The budget– Before deciding the location in case of a destination wedding, the client should pen down the budget. It should be decided how the expenses of the various things will be distributed among both of the families. In addition to the wedding day basic costs, the accommodation costs also need to be known. The budget of the guests to travel to the destination for the wedding should also be considered so that the transportation itself does not lead them into difficulty.

Guests list and invitations– There is no applied rule for guest lists, but the social circle of person should include the ones whose absence will cause you sadness. Most of destination planners recommend keeping the list short to their dear ones. The invitation cards should be sent about four to five months before allowing ample time for the guests to plan and schedule their visit.

The welcome party– A short meet and greet session along with the welcome meal for the guests is a great idea to mark the beginning of the event. This makes them feel personally connected. They should also be informed about the various details about the weather and buffet timings in case of a stay.

Sharing the key information– A part from the details in the invitation card, there are several points which the guests may be left uninformed about. For this a mutual website could be made and communicated to all. Time to time updates about the wedding can be posted on it till the final day. In the case of a destination wedding, details regarding the logistics and emergency contacts can also be passed on to the guests.

The couple and their family are not only entitled to these etiquettes but also to the guests who should travel solo to the wedding on a single invite and not with their bunch of friends.

Wedding etiquette- is a thing that can describe the overall set of factors and setup of the wedding event. There are numerous questions and details regarding the day almost for everyone. Starting from the outfits, catering, budget, and relieving of guests, everything is arranged by the wedding planners. It enlists the Do’s and don’ts of the wedding. Understanding various laws, cultures, and rituals of the proposed location is etiquette in case of a destination wedding.

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