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June 15, 2022

If you are looking to save money, you may consider wedding planning fees an expense that you can completely avoid. However, keep in mind that the best destination wedding planners have the tools to avoid common mistakes due to their inside connections and experience. 

Hiring a destination wedding planner for your Indian destination wedding may be the most cost-effective way to save you time and money while making the entire wedding process seamless and easy.

Reasons why people should look for experienced hands to get ready

Here are reasons why people should look for experienced hands to get ready for their big day. Wedding planners provide 360-degree solutions for all things nuptial, including venue, food, lodging, and even airport transfers—so they take care of everything big and small. 

  • Responsibilities prior to the wedding
  • Making realistic budgets
  • Planning everything from wedding favors to entertainment
  • Design and execution of the decor
  • Management of hospitality and logistics
  • Wedding trinkets
  • Catering management and menu design
  • Time and budget management
  • Wedding photography and videography
  • Wedding amusement
  • Wedding favors and gifts
  • Permissions and licenses for online presence
  • Wedding Protection Insurance

That is a long list, isn’t it? 

Imagine having all of these responsibilities taken care of by a wedding planner! Your family members and you can leave all of this to someone else—following up with vendors and making sure everything runs smoothly! Destination weddings entail much more than simply selecting a location for a wedding. 

  • Why book the best destination wedding planners?

One of the best ways to plan a destination wedding is to select a destination wedding package. Many such ceremonies are grand yet intimate, and many include a honeymoon, making it even grander. But, before you jet off to your wedding destination, you should have a destination wedding package that meets your needs.

The best destination wedding planners range in price from Rs 2 to Rs 6+ Lakh, depending on the company’s expertise and popularity. All of this is also dependent on the wedding’s budget or scale, as well as the destination/venue chosen. Breathable fabrics are reputed to work best in hot and humid locations.

By incorporating local blooms, you can easily reduce your décor budget. Consider getting oleanders and sky flowers for your destination wedding when you’re on a tight budget. By doing so, you will save significantly on the cost of decor. Still, you will also support the city’s local beauty while embracing it to make the wedding decor stunningly beautiful. 


This is only the wedding planner’s fee; it does not include your wedding decor or any of the responsibilities listed above. Those are overheads that they have contracted with vendors and that you are supposed to pay for, but are managed by them. It is one of the useful destination wedding hints to remember when looking for a destination wedding package in India.