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September 20, 2021

For most of the tourists round the globe, Dubai is all about the high rises and luxury life. it’s mainly because they’re unaware of the quaint side of the town . If you would like to ascertain the smallest amount explored and known side of Dubai, head to Creek.

It is a natural waterway which has been flowing through the eventful history of the town . Creek was the hub of pearl diving and fishing which were the most source of income within the past days.

While everything within the city keeps changing every moment with new skyscrapers sprouting up, it’s maintained some parts within the same way for all good reasons. From this, the town conveys the specific concept it never forgets where it came from.

Creek has made a transparent distinction in two parts of Dubai which are like night and day. they’re called old Dubai and new Dubai during which the previous consisting of Deira and Bur Dubai.

These are the normal water taxis ferrying people across Creek. But, if you wish to try to to it during a luxurious way, choose a Dhow cruise. it’s one among the foremost popular tourist activities in Dubai. Dhows are traditional wooden boats which were used for trade the past. Now they’re renovated and have become the luxurious leisure boats.

Why Dhow Cruise Creek is worth experiencing

Dubai Creek features a great historic significance because it contributed to the city’s economic prosperity. Deira and Bur Dubai which lie on either side of the creek have museums and souks like Heritage Village, Spice Souk and Gold Souk. The tourists can explore the past of Dubai and know its traditional life while cruising through Creek. it’s also a chance to understand that this a part of Dubai isn’t about luxury, but simplicity.

A typical Creek Dhow Cruise experience

Sailing on a Dhow gives you an important break from your daily routine. The enticing sites, delicious food and artistic performances are all treats to your senses. Following are the three main benefits of selecting a Dhow cruise in Dubai.


Dhow cruise Creek will cover the Old Dubai which incorporates Bur Dubai and Deira. you’ll have glimpses of Dubai commercial bank and Dubai Chamber of Commerce which are a number of the earliest skyscrapers within the city. The Rolex World Trade Center are another major attraction in Creek. you’ll see Abras passing by with residents also as tourists.


As you cruise through Creek and admire the standard beginnings of Dubai, entertainment shows will start to unveil. the foremost popular entertainment on a Dhow is Tanoura dance. Many tourists choose a Dhow especially to ascertain this magical performance. Tanoura dancer may be a male who wears a colourful skirt and it’s a sort of Sufi dance.

He will spin continuously by performing some tricks together with his props. The amazing a part of this twirling dance is that the dancer never feels dizzy no matter the duration. Music is additionally played within the boats to make sure that you simply won’t get bored even for a flash .

5-star dinner buffet

No expensive hotels in Dubai can surpass the dining experience offered by a Dhow. These boats provide 5-star dinner buffet with intercontinental dishes. you’ll savor every bite while the boat moves through a number of the economic landmarks within the city. Live entertainment shows also are arranged to reinforce the dining experience.

Choosing between Dhow Cruise Creek and Marina

Dhows in Dubai has two equally captivating yet different destinations which might sometimes offer you a tough time in choosing the simplest . once you choose Creek, it’s more about the history and straightforward aspect of Dubai. But Marina is that the venue to feel the festive mood and city lifestyle that’s entirely different from Creek. Dhow cruise Marina will undergo Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Marina Walk, Marina Mall and Bluewaters Island.

While comparing the budget, Marina is dear and Creek is affordable. However, aside from these, the entertainment shows and dinner buffet are of an equivalent quality and standards. When it involves choosing the simplest destination, it solely depends on your tastes and preferences.