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September 4, 2021

Now, this is a question that has many answers. Searching on the internet will provide you with multiple options. You can make a list of more than 50 best places for a destination wedding. But doesn’t that get even more confusing?

There are various factors you will need to take into consideration before deciding the best place for a destination wedding. While we can say that certain places have an advantage over other locations when it comes to booking venues or organizing the event, it ultimately depends on you.

The best place for others may or may not be the best place for you. The first thing to do is to write down the answers to the following questions so that you will know which destination to finalize for the wedding. Then you can start searching for event organizers who will handle the entire event on your behalf. You will also be able to hire the best professionals from the local talent pool.

  • What is your personality type?
  • What kind of wedding are you aiming for?
  • How far away is the wedding date?
  • How far away do you want the destination to be?
  • In which season will the wedding take place?
  • Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding? Will it be possible during that season?
  • How many guests are you planning to invite?
  • What is your budget? How much can you go over the original budget?
  • What are the local wedding requirements? Do you need to take extra permissions?

By the time you answer these questions, you will know the limitations you’ll have to consider before deciding the destination. Dubai is one of the most loved wedding destinations in the world. There are numerous options available for both indoor and outdoor wedding events in Dubai. Moreover, you can easily find the best destination wedding planners in Dubai.

But since we are trying to make a list of the best wedding destinations, here are some of them you can try apart from Dubai.

  • Caribbean- Jamaica, Cayman Islands,  Puerto Rico
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico- Riviera Maya, Los Cabos
  • USA- Hawai, Georgia, North Carolina
  • Italy- Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany
  • Ireland
  • Loire Valley, France

Be it a royal wedding or a themed one, the wedding planners will find the most suitable venue that will fit within your budget. You have to remember that your budget should pay for the entire wedding and not just the venue and rooms for guests. Destination wedding planners have a lot of contacts and can get you better discounts than what you might get when you approach on your own. Every saved penny counts and can be used to hire experienced professionals for catering, makeup, and photography.

Jannat Events is a well-known destination wedding organizer in Dubai. With years of experience, the team handles destination weddings with ease and expertise. Your dream wedding will come true when you trust Jannat Events to organize the wedding ceremony at your favorite destination.