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September 6, 2021

With most parts of the world in a state of lockdown due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, we all are home-struck. This, however, should not dishearten you. You can instead make the most of your free time by planning for good times ahead, such as your wedding. You can find out and plan ways of how to make your wedding a great and a memorable one from the comforts of your home. We list below some of the wedding planning tasks that you can do while in quarantine.

Chart out plans – Pen down all details of your wedding with the help of your family. Make a separate book where you write down even the minutest details. What is written can never be forgotten as you can also refer to it. This will help you plan everything systematically before the marriage.

Prepare guest list- Now that you have time, you can start preparing the guest list. Its common mistake to forget a few important guests when you make a list in the last time. Depending on the capacity of the venue that you have chosen for your wedding and also the kind of budget that you have, you create a guest list.

Talk out with your wedding planner – In this age of high-speed internet revolution, you can strategize with your wedding planner via video call apps such as Zoom, Skype or Google Duo. You and your partner can chalk out details with the wedding planner and let him/her know the type of wedding that you both are wanting. Planning in advance is good as it helps you devote more time and helps you avoid making mistakes.

Select a wedding venue – Do some research and select a wedding venue based on your preference, number of guests, style, and budget. Communicate this to your pater as well as the agreement of both matters in this regard. Nowadays, many companies allow you the privilege of taking a virtual tour of your wedding venue. So, even if you cannot visit the venue in person, you can see all aspects of the place, sitting on your sofa, courtesy the various online apps.

Online shopping – This is the time when you have to be socially distanced and cannot visit the physical stores. This, however, cannot stop you from purchasing your wedding dresses, accessories, and wedding decoration Dubai. The online stores give you a chance for a great virtual shopping experience. You can check out for your wedding outfits, in accordance with your style in the number of wedding designer websites. 

Personalise your wedding invitations – This is the time when you can create something unique for your guests. Create personalised wedding invitations with some good greetings or a message.

Technology has made it easy for us to plan our weddings in the era of social distancing. Make the most of this quarantine time to make your wedding a grand success. We are sure you will thank this free time for it later!