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September 4, 2021

Planning a wedding is always fun and exciting, especially if it’s a destination wedding. If you’ve selected your dream wedding venue abroad, the next step is to find out how to arrange a wedding destination, miles away from home. Throwing a destination wedding means you’re in for a much more intimate celebration and you can practically enjoy a two for wedding and honeymoon. But before you fly to the destination to get married, you’ve got some crucial information to remember when you start planning a wedding for your destination.

Pick where you want to go

The first step in the process of planning a wedding at your destination is to choose your perfect place with your partner. Along with being realistic about your goals, you can base your decision on the weather and season. But don’t be afraid of opting for your first choice and getting your dream to life.

Employ a local wedding planner

When planning a wedding at a venue, you may want to buy a destination wedding planner or employ a local planner to save you some trouble. Do your homework to make sure your wedding planner has a strong reputation to access to the vendors.

Fix a budget

Keep financial considerations in mind when setting a comprehensive budget for the actual wedding and its related costs, along with a travel and non-local vendor budget. It is also necessary to remember the currency type that is used at the destination, so you can keep track of what it all costs.

Organize your list of visitors

Since this is a wedding destination, there is less need to extend invites to friends, co-workers or others you’re not close. Keep your guest list small to moderate as your loved ones and close friends will be the main ones purchasing the airfare for your wedding destination.

Invitations to be sent out early

Send wedding invites well in advance so that guests can make savings on their airfare. That’s important to make sure your closest family and friends make it to your wedding.

Agree with any non-local vendors on terms

Since you might be in a destination in which you are not too familiar, you can bring along your photographer and make-up/hair artist. Be sure to arrange their movements and ensure that they are cared for so that your big day can go smoothly.

Make sure that the officer is willing to officiate

Research all marriage-related legalities to ensure that your officer is genuinely eligible to the office and declare you and your loved one ‘married.’ It is critical because some laws demand that the couple is in the country for more than a day.

Book a hotel room for everyone at the same place

Booking the rooms well ahead is very important for a destination wedding. In this way, guests can save a little money and live at the same hotel. Your guests will feel more relaxed in a reserved hotel block surrounded by friends, relatives, and wedding attendants.

Organize wedding shuttle service

Make sure to provide your guests with a way to arrive at the day-of ceremony.