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September 4, 2021

A wedding planner is like a partner to the couple who helps in arranging the set details of the event. The ideal planner is one who fulfils your dream wedding into reality within the set standards of budget and style. The events revolve around the creativity, catering, logistics, entertainment, and security offered by the planners. The wedding planner decoration expert generates the best theme according to the wish of their clients. The staff comes out with the perfect blend of flowers, lights and other decors to make it alluring. Additionally, the planning team is also responsible for the various arrangements starting with the grand welcome of the guests to the enticing bid at the reception party.

There are certain aspects on which the couple and the planner together must discuss and planned before jetting off directly to the day.

The budget– Before deciding the location in case of a destination wedding, the client should pen down the budget. It should be decided how the expenses of the various things will be distributed among both of the families. In addition to the wedding day basic costs, the accommodation costs also need to be known. The budget of the guests to travel to the destination for the wedding should also be considered so that the transportation itself does not lead them into difficulty.

Guests list and invitations– There is no applied rule for guest lists, but the social circle of person should include the ones whose absence will cause you sadness. Most of destination planners recommend keeping the list short to their dear ones. The invitation cards should be sent about four to five months before allowing ample time for the guests to plan and schedule their visit.

The welcome party– A short meet and greet session along with the welcome meal for the guests is a great idea to mark the beginning of the event. This makes them feel personally connected. They should also be informed about the various details about the weather and buffet timings in case of a stay.

Sharing the key information– A part from the details in the invitation card, there are several points which the guests may be left uninformed about. For this a mutual website could be made and communicated to all. Time to time updates about the wedding can be posted on it till the final day. In the case of a destination wedding, details regarding the logistics and emergency contacts can also be passed on to the guests.

The couple and their family are not only entitled to these etiquettes but also to the guests who should travel solo to the wedding on a single invite and not with their bunch of friends.

Wedding etiquette- is a thing that can describe the overall set of factors and setup of the wedding event. There are numerous questions and details regarding the day almost for everyone. Starting from the outfits, catering, budget, and relieving of guests, everything is arranged by the wedding planners. It enlists the Do’s and don’ts of the wedding. Understanding various laws, cultures, and rituals of the proposed location is etiquette in case of a destination wedding.