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July 22, 2022

Wedding planning is coming to light rapidly as a very successful business and will continue to multiply. Indian weddings have always been lavish and colossal, and this lavish celebration is spread over at least five days. With the growth in the Indian economy, people’s desire for their weddings is also evolving. The age of people to be wedded on average is between 23 – 30, and it’s their dream to make their weddings very unique, at fresher and more fascinating destinations. 

What are destination weddings? 

Nowadays, a destination wedding has become a very popular movement, as they are very romantic and private, helping create an occurrence of a lifetime for the bride and the groom, as well as close friends and family. 

Added to that Indian wedding organizer also gives the wedding a very customized touch, and in most situations, the chosen destination has a very special connection with the couple. The connection between the couple grows from their mutual love and longing for the place, its natural beauty, or the role the place has played in their relationship.


Planning such a grand event involves a vast amount of planning, coordination, and knowledge, especially if there is an eye to be kept on the budget. Thus, as a result, there has been an increase in hiring wedding planners for the modern generation who takes care of everything. Some of the wedding planner companies like Jannat events speak directly to the couple to find out their expectations and requirements, which include invitation cards, destination, flowers, décor, food, and a total number of guests. By scrutinizing this information, Jannat events provide a quotation of the final expenses, even before they begin organizing it. This does not just help the couple enjoy their once-in-life moment thoroughly but also keeps control of the expenses. It helps in avoiding all the stress involved as everything is taken care of by the Indian wedding management. Due to economic liberalization, there is a rise in the middle class, which has encouraged more and more couples to avail of wedding planners’ services.

Scope in India

Weddings in India continue to be a stable business, being unaffected by the economic highs and the lows. This has given the wedding planning industry different energy, with most wedding planners charging 10 % of the budget as their consultation fees. Most wedding planners have tie-ups with florists, photographers, caterers, make-up artists, dancers, singers, and more who work on an assignment basis. 

Favorite destinations

Famous locations abroad for destination weddings are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Oman, Dubai, and Bali. At the same time, Indian tourist spots for destination weddings that are famous are Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa, Kerala, Shimla, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 


With innovation and technology tempting the demands and desires of customers, wedding planners also experiment with various creative ideas, using everything 3D from presentations to smart lighting and more. The wedding planning industry is still at a very nascent stage. It is emerging as a successful business and will continue to grow further, with the new dreams of couples to have a unforgettable and worth experiencing wedding.