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July 22, 2022

The year 2021 saw life back to normalcy, as most of the events like weddings and special occasions regained their lost glory of lavish celebrations, but with a proper thought process. The pandemic has left us longing for the human touch, and now more than ever, couples and their families are looking to make their weddings more special than before.

Here’s a list of hottest wedding trends from Industry experts to help you plan your wedding most perfectly.

  1. Laidback Luxury

The over-the-top extravagance and worldwide novelty of Big Fat Indian Wedding will never end, but laidback luxury has gained some popularity in the past two years. Due to the pandemic, people are now more comfortable with luxurious arrangements and customized touches over confusion and formalness.

  1. Fairytale lighting 

While there are plenty of décor ideas, you cannot miss the simplicity and beauty of a simple fairytale lighting rental to that unassailable magic to your occasions. Perfect for private and grand weddings, they seamlessly add a romantic touch to any décor setting, which is used in many ways to make your wedding unforgettable. 

  1. Focus on minute details

Focusing less on putting up a grand show, couples and families are going for smaller and private functions where they can spend more on a better quality experience. Attention is given to small details with different customizations that make the celebration memorable.

  1. Curate guests lists

Considering the current situation, it is still unsafe to return to the time when the number of guests exceeds thousands. Though the restrictions have been lifted, couples and their families still prefer to do weddings as small get-togethers rather than large affairs. Curating the guest list not makes the festivities more customized and memorable but also gives the space to spend on your dream venue or wardrobe.

  1. The Grand Sangeet night 

Sangeet night is becoming a huge part of all the weddings that are happening recently, and it’s not only limited to sound system rent and dance performances. After the two harsh years, couples want to share their joy and excitement with their close ones, let loose, and have lots of fun in all the functions. New concept photobooths, disco nights, rain dances that ooze out of the stage, and so much more are being covered by the couple to add a high dosage of fun and originality to every occasion.

  1. Storytelling through food 

People often forget the wedding but not the food, and in recent times, couples are opting to add a variety of dishes to the food menu for everyone’s choices. Another great way to connect is to have dishes or concepts with special importance to your love stories, such as first date,

first month anniversary, and favorite cafes. This adds a special touch to your occasions and creates an ever-lasting impression on your guests.

Some well-known wedding planners like Jannat events have always been more than an event organizing company. They work as creative artists whose goal is to help their client’s dream turn into reality, All you need to do this hand over the job to them, and they shall take care of everything.