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September 6, 2021

Each wedding has its distinctive personality and a particular theme. Like any other part of your wedding, you do want the exclusivity to reflect on your stage decorations and at the reception. There are countless choices to take inspiration to add the extra edge to your wedding reception stage decor. When selecting your own reception stage décor designs, there are a few important things to adhere to:

Wedding theme

Stick to your theme. Whatever inspirations you select for the design or wedding stage, they will complement the wedding theme as a whole. If it is a green wedding, for example, it is best to go for fabric drapes instead of plastic flowers for stage decorations.

On-Stage Arrangement

When choosing a stage decoration for the wedding, it is necessary to ensure the couple has ample clear space. The chairs/sofa will be comfortable for the bride and groom. To prevent excessive crowding, don’t keep more than just an extra chair or two on stage. 

Colour Scheme

Choosing the colour of the wedding stage that matches well with a few critical items around it is extremely important. Like the flowers used in stage arrangements, the bridal and grooms wear colour and, of course, the wedding reception’s entire colour scheme. Any slight colour disharmony can pose a danger to photographs of your wedding reception.

Perfect Lightings

Before selecting a specific type of stage, lights bear in mind the colour of the stage designs. Take advantage of your Wedding Decorator and Wedding planner and chat with your Wedding photographer for a better view of the decorations. 


There are various alternatives for the entrance area to the wedding ceremony, depending on the location. A simple gate or even two huge floral vases may mark your entrance. No matter what sort of entrance it might be, make sure it doesn’t look boring. Decorate your doorway with roses, ribbons, garland, or any other things you may think of.


The bridal stage is where every wedding and reception focus. Indeed, several experienced decorators have suggested allocating to the stage the most significant chunk of the decorating budget. This comes as no surprise because the main subject of the celebration will be your stage and the backdrop in almost every wedding photograph.


You may not overthink about it, but the type of chair you use for your wedding will influence the environment as a whole. 

Setting the Table

It is mostly a sit-down dinner. After making seating arrangements for your guests, make sure they have nice table settings waiting readily in front of them

.Stay inside the budget.

Don’t you have a massive decorating budget? There is no need to worry. Select a vendor whose service rate suits your budget and freely share your budget so that with the amount of money you’re willing to invest, they can produce something acceptable.

And most of all have a few conversations on aligning your ideas with your planner and decorator before the big day. Consider all the suggestions on your wedding decorations and theme your planner suggest.