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September 6, 2021

After the exhausting and challenging wedding planning process, a honeymoon is a much-needed time for relaxation. But before you can wind down on the honeymoon, preparing and arranging the honeymoon will add significantly to the pressures of wedding planning and can become a little daunting. But when you are in the middle of the wedding planning process, it’s always a welcome break to start thinking about how to plan your honeymoon.

There are so many subjects to explore: Where in the world do you two want to go? How long should your honeymoon be, and when will be the right time to take your honeymoon? Your honeymoon should be providing some much-needed quality time together after months of wedding planning. It could be one of the amazing and unforgettable trips you have taken together so far.

Many Indian wedding planners in Dubai also plan out your honeymoon as a part of your post-wedding celebrations. But if you want to plan your honeymoon personally, then here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Plan it early

Wondering when to start thinking about honeymoon bookings? The ideal timeframe is six to eight months before your travel dates, particularly if you are thinking about foreign country honeymoon destinations which coincide with the travel season.

And even earlier

Airlines rates, hotel prices, are some of the factors in play, if you have your eyes set on some very far-flung adventure destinations, you may want to look at your honeymoon plans up to a year in advance. And earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper you get them.

Set your honeymoon budget

Your wedding expenses will quickly stack up, and it’s tempting to dig into the budget for a honeymoon to cover any extra costs. But take a minute and think about this: An wedding and reception ceremonies last six to eight hours, while honeymoons last anywhere from seven to ten or even fourteen days. Although you’ll never forget your wedding day memories, there’s also something to say about the unique memories you’ll make on your honeymoon.

Plan your honeymoon together

Although dividing and conquering might work for wedding planning, planning your honeymoon isn’t always the best strategy. If one person does all of your honeymoon preparation, you will end up with a trip that is more suited to your wishes. Honeymoon preparation should be a joint endeavour unless your spouse-to-be is uncommonly perceptive to your travel desires and peeves.

Don’t rely entirely on online research

It’s great to start your honeymoon planning with a Google search, but don’t rely solely on search engines. Online reviews can paint an image that doesn’t fit reality, and it’s better to analyse your dream destination closely by talking to friends and family who’ve been there — and a travel professional as well.

At any point, if you want to schedule your honeymoon with extra help, Indian wedding planner agents will come in handy. They have insider knowledge of offers and discounts. They can also save you time for endless study and provide first-hand information about destinations. They can also help you find the best fit to select the ideal destination.