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September 6, 2021

The pandemic has left the world in a whole new light. Since then, not only have the ways of life changed, but there has been a noticeable shift even at the wedding celebrations and other social gatherings. The move from big fat weddings to small weddings with less than 50 persons was very impressive.

While in lockdown wedding decorators Dubai finds the best ways to help couples and vendors handle the post-COVID 19 weddings, intimate weddings do also need security precautions. If you’re planning an intimate lockout wedding during the Corona times, here is the list of the necessary safety measures that one needs to follow and keep in mind for as long as the COVID-19 scenarios last.

Sanitization of premises

It is essential to sanitize the location that you choose for the wedding.If the location was used or not, sanitizing the location along with the surrounding area before you or your guests visit is of utmost importance. The guests and everyone else should have enough water available to wash their hands at regular intervals whenever appropriate.

Temperature checks at check-in

An infra-red thermometer should be in place at the entrance itself to check the temperature of the guests. It makes it easy and structured to keep it right at the entrance before they get inside the venue or mingle with the others.Any temperature reported above-average should be highlighted immediately.

Provide sanitizer for each guest

Providing hand sanitizers is just like wedding favours-they will be offered to any guest at the entrance.Instead of fruit or assembled favourite kits, you could provide a COVID-19 safety kit that includes sanitizers for each of your guests.

Wear a mask and Have Masks for all

At every step of the wedding celebration-from the entry of the bride, be sure always to have your masks on. The guests can be supplied with the masks in their COVID-19 safety kit too.

Common greetings

Many cultural greetings don’t demand that you shake hands or embrace.Instead of westernized versions, the pandemic was a perfect time to stick to our local greeting roots. Keep in mind that you need to prevent any interaction during the wedding with a fellow guest or family member; these traditional cultural greetings may be your salvation.

Arrangement for seating

Make sure the seating arrangement for your intimate wedding is performed in such a way that the gap between 2 of your guests is at least two arms apart.You may also schedule ideas for floor seating while retaining the required ones.

As many wedding service providers, such as wedding catering services, wedding photographers, makeup artists, beautiful wedding stage decoration and so on, are opening their services.They are also making sure that they are safe and that they function in compliance with the safety measures required during this health crisis.

So if you are planning your wedding, it is essential to have professional assistance finding a way through this new standard.The wedding planners will be of great help to assist you in planning a wedding.