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September 6, 2021

Be it their first birthday or their fourteenth, making a birthday celebration for your child memorable is at the top of the ‘to do’ list of any parent.

These days birthday celebrations are a huge deal, and a lot of work needs to be done to put the whole party together. There are also a lot of birthday party organizers Dubai who will take care of decorations, food, cake, invites, etc. and make the party a huge success. But if you decide to do it on your own, here are a few things you need to do.


It’s a priority to have a fun-filled day so make sure your budget is how much you want to spend, and just how much all those things would cost. Make sure that you add in the expense of location, lighting, food, birthday cake, entertainment, and party bags so that when it’s time to pay the bill, you don’t have any surprises.

Also work on your guest list early asyou will get an idea of where to host, how much it will cost and whether or not you are going to cater for adults too. You may also budget the games and events accordingly.

Place of the party

Hosting the party might be cheap and fun at home, but then you’ll have plenty of tidying up to do.If you want to rent a place such as a nearby restaurant or soft play area for kids, this will undoubtedly ease your workload and take away the catering headache for hungry kids. Nevertheless, hiring a venue would undoubtedly add to the cost.


You quickly add a fun factor by selecting a theme and get your birthday baby excited for their special day by selecting something they enjoy. Also keep your little one in on the planning of the party, as they want to help pick the theme and feel even more special.


It’s much more fun to pick a kid’s birthday cake that your guests will never forget. And you don’t even have to search for a local baker these days, because you can buy cakes online and have them shipped straight to the venue.


If you want to keep things a little slower but just as enjoyable, organizing some party games will keep things going perfectly and make the party swing in full.

Involve the older guests too

It might seem a little cheeky, but any parent who attends with their child can understand how complicated a party for kids can be, so get them involved in what’s happening. Check-in advance to make sure they don’t mind, but a fellow parent who supervises a party game or takes over the coats and jackets helps remove one more item from the list.

Return gifts

A going home gift is all part of the magic of birthdays and is pretty easy to put together. You can buy little eco-friendly bags and fill them with candy and toys too.

Apart from these, there are food, drinks, decorations that need to be taken care of. Especially if you are a working Mom, it is going to be challenging to put everything together. But hiring birthday party organisers in Dubai makes it all easy.