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September 6, 2021

There is a reason why weddings are called a great affair. It is because of the amount of planning, description, and efforts that goes into organizing these sets them apart from other celebrations. As the bride and groom spend months choosing what to wear, the same is achieved by a wedding planner attempting to make a perfect image of the wedding venue.

As much as a lot of thought goes onto the food, bride and groom’s clothes, wedding stage decoration is also equally important. So here are a few trending wedding decorations that will grab your attention.

Floral all the Way

Whereas the traditional wedding floral arrangements are done-to-death, the trend is shifting towards more sophisticated floral designs using textures and adding little details about the couple and the guests. Pampas grass has become an enormous part of the decor of aisles, tablespacesand lounges.The trend is to give guests an entirely new experience right on their table. The trick is to keep the floral look balanced and not overdo it.

Go Green

The need of the hour is safe and environmentally friendly weddings. Wedding decorations cause a big reality check — humongous wastage and high carbon footprint; therefore, more sustainable decor ideas need to be implemented immediately. Installing solar lighting systems at the venue using locally sourced florals and also using recycled seed paper for wedding cards.Many people use succulents as centres that guests can take as gifts post the wedding and use in their houses as planters. It is also possible to explore bamboo, jute and bagaas boards (made from sugarcane waste) or other biodegradable materials to create structures for the wedding functions. They are not only eco-friendly but also give a rustic, earthy feel to the theme and décor.

Tropical treat

Planning to have a beach wedding? A tropical wedding decor would then be ideal for you. A few ideas about using a mishmash of colour and rustic elements to create a tropical wonderland. Out of the conventional dining tables, one may add elements such as fun stalls, bohemian style beds and wooden boxes for a beach wedding. A long swing can be installed by the beach underneath a secluded tree. This can be a photo booth for couples

Bright lights

Wedding market has used bright colours for wedding decoration for years. However, there has been growing interest in white or pastel shades of pinks, peaches, blues and purples in the last few years. Gold-tinted lights have become popular. Weddings prefer gold in lighting to the warm white version.The purpose of the lights brings out the decor’s elegance. We tend to use natural sunlight for daytime outdoor setups when there is an overcast. In the evenings, we recommend indirect lights for places where visitors are sitting and bright lights for trees and decor. Incorporating Edison bulbs with filaments brings in the retro charm.

There are many wedding stage decoration Dubai that offer excellent services by taking necessary COVID precautions and sanitizing the whole place properly.