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July 14, 2022

Wedding and event planner play a very important role in making all the necessary arrangements for a wedding procession or any other type of social event. They are responsible for making available all the necessary services that can help in reducing the hassle of a wedding couple and their families. Best-in-class guidance, support, and other quality solutions are delivered by a professional wedding planner or coordinator that can prove convenient and affordable. Millennials have started to opt for the services of professional wedding planning services providing companies with the peace of mind their services tend to offer. 

One must fully understand the responsibilities of a wedding planner before hiring same. We have listed different responsibilities of wedding planning companies that can help you in making the right decision. These are as follows:

1. Designing and wedding decorations:

A special wedding planner is responsible for understanding the taste and preferences of the clients. He or she must understand the type of wedding decoration a couple wants and makes all the necessary decisions and arrangements to make it a reality. The choice of decorations, color palette, theme et cetera are enquired and all the necessary arrangements are made accordingly. All the necessary decorations like flowers, bouquets, lighting, and table and chair arrangements are made by a wedding planner. 

2. Managing all the necessary finances:

Organizing a wedding procession or any other kind of social event requires money. Booking different vendors, making necessary decorations arrangements, and booking different venues require an understanding of various financial and budgetary aspects. A wedding planner can help by managing all the necessary finance-related work. A responsible company or an individual wedding planner can forecast the overall cost of organizing a wedding or an event. The total cost can be identified and compared with the budget of the clients and the best offer can be made. Wedding and event management and planning companies ensure all the cost associated with organizing a wedding is within the purview of the budget of the clients.

3. Printing of invitations and delivery of the same:

A wedding planner or coordinator is also responsible for printing invitations and delivery of the same to the specified recipient. The best design of the wedding invitations is selected according to the preferences of the clients and arrangements were made for the delivery of the same. Moreover, a proper guest list is created and maintained by the wedding planning companies.

4. Managing the wedding procession/event:

After all the necessary arrangements were made and on the actual date of the wedding, event planning companies ensure the proper and smooth flow of the wedding procession. Ensuring proper arrangements for various events like Sangeet and mehndi, coordinating with the DJ and dancing teams, and ensuring a smooth flow of drinks and food are some of the responsibilities of wedding event planners.

5. Serving as a coordinator for events and delivering assistance to the wedding couple:

Wedding planners are also responsible for managing the guests and even the wedding couple. They ensure the guest and the couple feels comfortable throughout the wedding procession. Support and assistance services are delivered to the couple as well by handling all the extra tasks. This includes picking up dresses from the dry cleaning, making payments, and safekeeping all the valuables like wedding rings, etc.

A professional wedding budget planner ensures all the necessary services are delivered to the clients at the best prices. A wedding procession is organized by keeping in mind the budget of clients.